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Ruth Ridgeway

I help women design a new, more beautiful way of living.

A way that centres around taking the very best, most loving care of you, while bringing more mindfulness into your day so you get to design, live and enjoy a life that feels REALLY good (and rich, and nourishing, and deeply rewarding) to you...

...without a single apology attached.

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If this is the first time we've met, you might wanna read some of these - it's your quickest and easiest way to see what I'm all about.

Or, you might wanna download one of these journals I've created - they're all free, so tuck in and enjoy on me ❤️✌🏼.

If you're feeling like - HECK YES, I need a complete life redesign, I'm ALL IN, just gimme some help and what I need to know, you might wanna check out The Lifestyle Designers Club.

It's a super cool community and training ground for women who want to live an unapologetic and beautiful life of their own design.

And if you're like, that sounds cool, but I wanna dip my toe into this whole design a cool life on your terms business... You're welcome to check out my book, Unapologetic, which will be a great taster to get you started.

Whichever option/aventure you choose, I PROMISE it'll be fun.

To living unapologetically -

Ruth xo