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About Ruth
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About - Hey I'm Ruth

I write stories about life, love, hope and strength.

Mostly they're stories about overcoming self doubt, learning to become your own best friend and designing a life that feels good from the inside out. My hope in sharing is that they'll shine a light on how you can do/achieve all of those things too to live the best life you can.

Also, I'm a big fan of asking questions that make you think, and that you can use to journal with. You're welcome to sign up to my newsletter here where I send fresh new journaling prompts each month for subscribers to print off and enjoy too.

About - Design.png

I also design stuff. Cool, beautiful, filled with heart and soul kinda stuff.

Like my hand lettered and screen printed tee's over here.

And my more formal, 'proper' portfolio over here.

When it comes to design I love creating things that get you noticed, and things that other people just wanna photography and share. Think fresh, feminine, simple design, mixed with bold graphics, typography and hand lettered words.

About - Personal Stuff

In 2014 my guy had an accident that left him paralysed. I share stories about it here.

Some are tough. Some are beautiful. All are filled with hope, love and strength.

Right now we're living in Cardiff, UK, making the most of our new 'Plan B' life.

About - Fun Stuff

I'm also a big believer we're only on this planet once, and if life so far has taught me anything so far it's to make the very most of it and not waste a single second on the stuff you can't change of the stuff that feels heavy and sucks the very soul out of you. 

It's one of the reasons I created The Lifestyle Designers Club, a place filled with adventures to design your most happy, free and vibrant life.

So anyway please, stay as long as feels good, explore every corner.

With the biggest of love -

Ruth Ridgeway


I LOVE Instagram. Anytime you wanna come say hey, you can follow me here.