Pitching. Unsubscribers. And the ebb & flow of business.

Pitching. Unsubscribers. And The Ebb And Flow Of Business

A couple of weeks ago I sent an email to everyone who is subscribed to RUTH XO (for all the news and updates and other collected pieces of love I send).

I offered something I've never offered before because it felt fun to do - a Pay What You Want (Client Creation Intensive) Coaching session.

There was nothing else in the email, except the offer of the above, which, you'd technically class as a 'pitch'. An offer of services in exchange for money.

People signed up and bought.

An amount of people I'd class as healthy and was (very) happy with.

This week I sent another email. 

It was titled 'What Would Feel Like A Miracle Right Now?' - inspired by a blog post I'd read by Alexandra Franzen the day before, about answering peoples request for (what feels like to them) a mircale.

This, like the coaching session offer, felt like fun. And so I crafted the email and asked those who wanted to play, what would feel like a miracle to them right now. 

And then I could begin the really fun part of creating, and starting the ball rolling, for some miracles to happen in the world.

A gift for people.

There was no pitch, request or expectation for money or other goods in return. 

Some people replied, and told me what would feel like a miracle to them right now. Again, a healthy number of people I was (very) happy with. Some came with kind messages enclosed. 

Some people also unscubscribed. A larger amount than is normal or I'm used to seeing.

And strangely, the exact same amount of people unsubscribed from this email - the one offering something for free - as did the number of people sign up and pay for a coaching session - in the email that was technically a pitch.

Now, this isn't a bitter post, a 'WT HUH?!' post, or even one that's really focused on how many people unsubscribed.

They happen. Sometimes people subscribe, sometimes people enjoy what they receive and remain subscribed. Sometimes people decide it's no longer for them, change their mind and unsubscribe.
It's all good.

This is simply a post with facts.

Facts that you can giveaway your everything - for free - and some people will love it, and others won't.

Facts that you can put out your thing - whatever your 'thing' is - and ask for money in exchange, and some people will love it, and others won't.

Whatever you do...
some people will like it and Some people won't. 

(And some will be totally indifferent).

It's simply how it is (even, try as hard as you might, if you try to please everyone). It's just one of those universe laws that can't be broken or changed.

And so if or when you're doubting yourself, or wondering if you should pitch your thing, bookmark this post to reread and remember.

Some will like it. Some will LOVE it. Some will sit of the fence and be indifferent, and others may not like it at all. Whatever it is you do or offer or sell.

However NEVER, please, ever let it stop you.