ONE DAY. $10K.

One Day. $10k.

Yesterday I sent out $10k of client proposals.

However, roll back about five years and you wouldn't have seen someone - and by someone I mean me - sending out $10k of proposals. You'd instead have found someone with a stack of debt and a full time job (they were continually plotting escape from) with a side business they were desperately trying to make work (aka. the escape plan).

I was so desperately trying to escape the 9-5, to clear all of my debts and actually see a bank balance the didn't have a '-' before every figure, that I charged between $50 - $400 for my design work. I was scared to price myself any higher incase they said no, in case they said that was too much, too expensive. And then I'd be left with nothing at all.

So I way, waaaaaaay undercharged for all the work I did, instead choosing to do as many of these jobs as I could, meaning I'd work every single evening and weekend around my day job just to make a little extra money...

However (fortunately) this isn't five years ago, and yesterday I sent out $10k of client proposals in one day - and as I type I have a 3+ month waitlist of design clients and a third Mastermind that's almost full.

And that's not a 'brag', it's a 'things changed for me'.

And it's not a 'every day is a $10k kinda day', it's a 'it's not unusual anymore'.  

Sometimes when people ask what changed, I tell them joining a Money Bootcamp did (think of it like an fitness bootcamp but for money, and without having to collapse into a hot sweaty painful mess after an hour to see results).

I did this one, by Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Yes it's an investment, yet I can hand on heart say it's paid off (and I've received my investment back MANY times over with what I've learnt).

And if you're yes looking to make a bit more income, yet don't want to invest in a full money makeover, she does some cool free things too - like this pricing workshop.

Mostly I've taken away the understanding that earning money doesn't have to be hard work, and just by 'fixing' a few little thoughts in my head, realise I can increase my income without having to work every single day, and evening, and weekend. 

And that right there to me, is PRICELESS.