9 Changes I'm Currently Making In My Biz

Ruth Ridgeway - 9 Changes I'm currently making in my biz

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At the end of each month I do a quick review of my business - What’s working? What’s not? What do I want to stop doing? What changes do I need to make? - yet these last couple of months I’ve wanted to simplify and streamline even more.

Over the years I’ve worked with so many different kinds of businesses and business owners and while on the most part it’s been really fun (because it really has), it’s also left me feeling like I’m wearing a million different hats and that’s ended up feeling more exhausting rather than fun, so…


Let’s face it, it’s my thing.

From designing beautiful things to helping other designers grow their own awesome design business - so it’s the one thing my business will focus on going forward, the rest will be (lovingly) let go over the next few weeks.

So here’s an inside look at what I’m currently working on and the nine changes I’m making in my biz right now.

Things I’m currently working on:

1. The Designers Hub

I literally cannot wait to share this with you and get it out into the world.

The whole idea for The Designers Hub started a couple of weeks ago when I decided I wanted to create four online workshops that would help designers…

  • Attract more awesome design clients.

  • Structure a successful sales call.

  • Create powerful proposals for their clients.

  • Simplify their back end systems and client processes.

Anywho, as I started mapping out the four workshops I realised there were actually more workshops that would really help other designers either start, grow or simplify their design business so instead of the stand alone workshops I had planned - the idea for The Designers Hub was born.

I basically see it as the ‘Netflix’ for designers where it’ll have on demand workshops on specific design related topics to watch when needed.

The Designers Hub will also have it’s own community for designers plus a monthly office hours call where members can ask specific questions and get extra personalised support direct from me.

It’s the biggest thing in the works right now and I seriously can’t wait to share it with you!

When is it happening? It’s in the works now, expect to see it August 2019.

Want more info? You can get on the waitlist to get more info and a personalised invite when it opens here.

2. Book cover, packaging and stationery design

At the end of last year I hit pause on all new design projects but I can safely say just over six months later I’m well and truly missing it!

One of the things taking such a long break did however was make me realise what I want and don’t want to do design wise going forward.

In a nutshell I love (love love LOVE) all things printed design - from books and book covers, to cool packaging and cards and swoon worthy stationery - so creating these lovely things (for both myself and others) will be my focus going forward.

And the thing I’m really good at but in my heart of hearts I don’t love? Website design - so it I’ll be letting go of it (unless it’s for a cool shop or restaurant - I’ve a couple other updates to come on that later on..!).

When’s it happening? Now.

Want more info? If you have a book cover, packaging, cards or stationery you want beautifully designing, you can check out my work and get in touch here.

3. Business Coaching for Designers

This is my jam. There isn’t much I haven’t seen, done or tried when it comes to design - whether creating and designing my own products (both digital and physical) or working with awesome design clients.

With all this I really hate seeing other designers struggle (whether where to find clients, their pricing, or the design process itself and setting loving boundaries with their clients) especially when I know a few really simple tweaks can literally transform their whole business!

So for designers who was a design specific business coach who’s been there and done it on their team, I’ll be offering a six month package covering:

  • How to attract more awesome and perfect fit design clients.

  • How to significantly increase your design income - from both products & services.

  • How to simplify your systems and processes to create a stress free client experience.

When is it happening? Now.

Want more info? Learn more about my personalised business coaching package for designers here.

4. A LOVE FILLED online shop

In my head (and heart( I have so many things I want to bring to life.

Small things. Beautiful things. Things filled with love and care that make their new owner feel equally loved and cared for.

I’ve always wanted a tiny beautiful shop filled with tiny beautiful things, and now (as in this year) is time to make it happen.

I already have the love filled tee’s that pop up once or twice a year, but to this I also want to add books (real hold in your hand style books and journals), beautiful cards and a handful of printables to plan your self care.

The biggest thing that’s stopped this from happening so far is the logistics. I’ve definitely known that I don’t want to be doing trips to the post office everyday so in the last few months I’ve looking at and testing different options for both printing products on demand or working with companies that can do the fulfilment (shipping) for me so I just get to focus on the fun bit - designing and sharing with you guys!

When is it happening? TBC, but definitely this year!


I’ve had a BIG shake up of my blog over the last month.

All my old posts (lot’s of which were life / more personal related) have been archived with just the relevant ones being re-added, and going forward it’ll be focused again on helping designers either start, grow or simplify their design business.

There’ll be lots of tools, free resources and most importantly - what’s specifically worked for me along with case studies you can steal ideas from for your own business.

When’s it happening? It’s already happened!

Want more info? Read all the articles published so far on the new blog here.

Things I’m retiring this year:

6. ‘General’ Business Coaching

For the last five or so years I’ve coached the most amazing women on all areas of online business. While we’ve created results I’m so proud of, the easiest and simplest for me has always been working with designers (and other creatives) - so hence the focus going forward.

When is it retiring? It’s retired now.

7. Love Yourself First

If I asked you what the number one thing was that stopped people from achieving their goals / the success they most wanted in their business, what do you think that answer would be?

After working with hundreds of clients over the last five or so years I can safely tell you it’s one thing - self love (or lack thereof it).

Either lack of self worth, lack of self trust, lack of self belief or lack of self confidence. It’s the whole reason the Love Yourself First course was born as it’s really the foundation to achieving anything (yes anything!) you want in your life or business.

Later I may turn this into a book, but right now the two week course is being retired- and this is probably the hardest course for me to retire..!

When is it retiring? August 2019.

Want to get it before it’s gone? Get 75% off and take the Love Yourself First course for just £11.75 here until 31st August 2019.

8. Book More Clients Online

Here’s something for you - I actually don’t believe you need to ‘sell’ to book more clients. Let’s face, who here enjoys being sold to..?? Exactly.

Instead I believe in sharing your work (and creating a really simple, fun and easy marketing plan to do so) and letting people know how you can help them.

That’s it.

So the Book More Clients Online workshop takes you through that process, and how I’ve booked every single client I’ve ever worked with to date (but of courses even more importantly - how you can create your own client attraction plan to do so too).

The only reason this course is being retired is because it’s a ‘general’ one (for designers, coaches, copywriters, teachers, anyone who wants to book more clients in their online business…) and going forward the workshops I create will be focused purely on designers and those in a creative industry.

When is it retiring? August 2019.

Want to get it before it’s gone? Get 75% off and take the Book More Clients Online class for just £74.25 here until 31st August 2019.

9. Unapologetic (the digital version)

When I first wrote Unapologetic, A Guide to Letting Go What Other People Think of You and Loving Yourself More I published it as an eBook.

I’d wanted at the time to make it a ‘real’ printed book, yet getting a digital copy into peoples hands was definitely easier, faster and simpler - and I’m glad I did, because I’ve had SO MANY messages from people over the years saying… ‘This book is SO me..!!’ and how it’s helped them change their life going forward.

I’ve plans now to finally get the book into printed form, so the digital version will be retiring itself at the end of this month too.

When is it retiring? August 2019.

Want to get it before it’s gone? Get 75% off and download Unapologetic for just £1.75 here until 31st August 2019.

And that’s it!

Since deciding to make the changes above things have been feeling SO MUCH LIGHTER, and that feels so good.

Everything I’m working on I feel excited to bring to life, and while I’m sad to see a few things go that I’ll be retiring, it also feels like the right time too.

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Hey, I’m Ruth.

I help designers how to start, grow and simplify their design business.