Love Card
You Are Amazing Card

A couple weeks ago I had an idea come, one that thought how it might be to send 1,000 tiny pieces of love (and love notes) out into the universe before the year was out.

Notes to...

...remind friends how much they mean to us.

...let those we care about know we believe in them.

...send a little hope/love/encouragement to someone when they need it most.

And to see how far and wide we could send them.

I kinda love how one tiny act of love/kindness can have the most beautiful ripple effect, spreading/passing from one person to another, to another, to another...

So I went and made us these to share :)

A 1,000 'love notes' to scatter throughout the world, and to those we care most about.

If you wanna join in the love, you'll find them all here.

To more love, always...

You're Doing Great Card
You Make Me Smile Card
You've Got This Card

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