Sheena Bounsanga
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Today I wanna share with you the story of Sheena.

Sheena teaches mindfulness to kids and for the last umpteen years she's had regular classes and workshops that kids can attend, as well as super fun summer camps that sell out every year.

The kids LOVE them, Sheena LOVES them (both the kids and workshops she creates for them), and if you saw the amount of love and kind words she's received over the years from super happy parents... Well let's just say you'd be there for a pretty long time trying to read through all the names.

Anyway, there's been only one 'problem' in this great set up... There's only one Sheena (and only so many hours in a day). 

Knowing the difference mindfulness makes to kids she wanted to be able to bring it to as many kids as possible - while still however actually being able to spend time with her own kids and family too.

Given everything, she decided she wanted to launch an online training programme that would teach other professionals how to hold their own mindfulness classes and workshops for kids too.

The idea was basically to create a 'business in a box' where she would show them everything she does (in her classes) and how she does it, and then those who went through her training could then start offering their own mindful kids classes too.


  1. More kids would be taught (and thus benefit from) mindfulness.

  2. Those who went through her training could add mindful kids classes to their own offerings (which would increase how much they could earn in their business).

  3. And for Sheena, not only would she be helping more kids AND more wellness professionals, but she'd also be increasing her own income without needing to increase the amount of hours she worked.

Anyway, sheena went on to launch her online training and something unexpected happened…

Sure, other yoga teachers and wellness professionals started signing up to do her training, but also so did parents - and teachers.

She learnt parents wanted to bring mindfulness into their homes too, and teachers (knowing Sheena's reputation) also wanted to bring more mindfulness into their classrooms (how cool is that?!).

Anyway the long story short, with no 'online course launching' experience Sheena went on to have an $11,457 launch, and since (now roughly a year on) her mindfulness is in school across Canada and she's had nearly 100 students go through her training 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.

And to put this into a little #BusinessFreedom perspective, when Sheena first launched her online training it was for an 'early bird' of around $550, before it went to it's full price of (from memory) $795 - so I'll let you do the math.

When I say it's products (think online courses, memberships, books, deign templates etc...) that's the key to creating more freedom, Sheena's the perfect example of doing what she loves while leveraging her income against the hours she works - and she's one of the awesome BFF's in The Lifestyle Designers Club redefining what business (and success) looks like.

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To living free (your way)...

Ruth Ridgeway