F*ck Self Doubt Cards

Fuck Self Doubt Cards

There’s two things I love, design and marketing.

And I especially love it when you can combine these two things together (which is really easy to do when you’re a designer because all you need to do is the thing you love most - design, and then share it - aka, marketing).

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I found over the years that while often people came to me for the ‘how’ - How do I get more clients? How should I launch my new course? - that actually the biggest thing that was stopping them from growing their business more than anything else was some kind of self doubt.

They worried if they could do it.

They worried if anyone would hire them.

They worried about whether their work was good enough.

They worried if they knew enough or were qualified enough.

They worried what other people would think of them and what they posted.

So I created these, the F*ck Self Doubt cards.

Mostly just to share on social media, but I found I also started sending them to clients when it felt right for them to pin by there desk, or to friends and peers to remind them how awesome there were.

Now of course I could have just created a simple graphic to share on social instead having the extra cost of printing cards, yet there’s something cool and magical that happens when you take the time to print things.

For example:

  1. When you share on social it really stands out because it’s not ‘just another graphic’.

  2. You don’t just get to share your work once, you get to share it multiple times in multiple different ways - for example a photo of it pinned by your desk, as part of a flatlay or lifestyle shoot.

  3. You can hand it out to people. I had no intention of these being business cards when I made them yet I’ve ended up handing out a tonne of them to people and I’ve found they LOVE them.

  4. You can send them to clients or include them as extra gifts when you send out other products people have purchased - I often do this with my tee’s - and the cool thing with that? People love photographing them and then sharing them on places like Instagram (with them often tagging you and bringing you new followers in the process).

None of that can happen when it’s just a digital image.

By printing them not only can I share them, but it allows OTHERS to share them too which then means they are naturally and organically helping me share my work (and market my business) without even being asked.

Now tell me THAT isn’t the best kind of marketing and worth the cost of a couple cards.

Related resource : I get cards like these printed at moo.com.

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Fuck Self Doubt Card
Ask For What You Really Want Card

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