How To Price Your Products And Services

How to Price your Products and Services

Ok so if you ever struggle with your pricing… This one’s for you.

A couple years ago I designed the ‘Love’ tee that has sold out for the last few years every time I’ve launched it and reprinted it.

When it very first launched it sold for £20 (it’s now £22 when it sells to cover the full costs of making/printing etc, but back then it was £20) and when people started receiving it I started receiving messages from everyone saying how much they LOVED IT.

(Cannot tell you how good that feels and how awesome it is to see everyone wearing a tee you’ve designed!)

Anywho In all those messages there were two that stood out…

One friend messaged to say…

‘Wow, I LOVE my ‘Love’ tee!! I can’t believe it’s only £20 with all the beautiful packaging and notecards. I’d expect to pay £30 - £35 for something like this, you should totally increase your prices!’

A couple weeks later another friend messaged about something and in amongst it all she told me how much she was…

‘Loving her new tee’s (she bought two) and wore them all the time..!’, but how… ‘Wow, I’d *never* normally spend £20 on a tee - I only did it because it was you who made them.’

Same tee’s, same packaging, same amount of love sent with each.

And while this might be a (a very cool) tee I’m talking about here it could be anything.

Because if you’re struggling with your prices and wondering…

‘Is this too much, will anyone ever pay what I really want to charge?!’

Know this : No matter what I’ve sold over the years (tee’s, books, courses, design, coaching…) or how much it’s been (all of these things have ranged from £7 to £5,000+)...

>> It’s always been too much for some and too little for others.

(Read that bit again).


So all I’m going to say when it comes to your pricing is to go with your gut.Go with what feels good and what gets you paid what you wanna get paid.

Sure it’ll be too much for some and it’ll be too little for others - yet it’ll be just PERFECT for your right fit peeps and customers 👌🏼.


So over and out (and quit stressing about pricing, go be proud of your prices - whatever they are - and get yourself paid instead 😉).

Ruth Ridgeway

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