Ruth Ridgeway - Lusty Glaze Beach
Ruth Ridgeway - Lusty Glaze Beach

I've been using one of my favourite journaling questions a lot lately. 

The one that begins 'I want...' - and used until a whole page is filled with whatever comes to my mind (and heart) at the time.

One of the things I wrote was...

I want... 500 members in The Lifestyle Designers Club.

As soon as I'd written that, I heard a little voice at the back of my head say - 'but what I'd really love one day, is to bring together and connect a 1000 women from around the world as they design their ultimate lives and businesses...'

It was in that second I caught myself not owning my own dreams.

I wrote down what felt 'doable'.

Not what I really wanted, but what I felt was possible instead of scary.

But I don't want dreams that are just 'doable', I want ones that make me feel alive and excited and passionate about getting out of bed in the morning as well as sharing and talking about.

A Club of a 1000 women connected and supporting each other does that.

I think (if I'm being really honest), one of the reasons I didn't own it was because I was afraid of saying it out loud. Like, if I go and tell everyone that's my dream, that that's my mission and I DON'T achieve it, then I'll look like I'll have 'failed' - and everyone will know it.

I had a bit of a conversation with myself (as you do), to decide what was more important...

Going after and really owning my dream(s), or holding back on the chance I might 'fail', and how I then might then be perceived by others.

Luckily I decided my dream was more important.

So I just wanna pass that question over to you: 

If you're fully standing by and owning each of your dreams right now, I salut you. You rock on and make the best of them happen.

Yet if you're not, can I urge you to change your mind? As scary as it is, I promise you from experience the path is ALWAYS so much easier when you do.

People start giving you a helping hand.

They believe when you believe.

The universe starts rearranging in your favour (don't ask me how it does that, but it does).

And if you feel called to become one of those 1000 women, and have 999 others standing by your side supporting you every step of the way, I welcome you to check out the info here.

It's a really beautiful community of inspiring women who are making dreams come alive every single day.

They're unapologetically designing their lives based on freedom and joy and what FEELS GOOD to them - each creating businesses that support them.

To fulfilling every beautiful dream you have, including the big 'scary' ones -

Ruth Ridgeway