New Found Confidence

The other day I went to lunch with a lovely friend of mine.

Somewhere between the conversation, all of a sudden she said...

"You're really confident aren't you?"

I went to instantly (and instinctively) say 'no, who me, not really...'

Because I never was.

(WAS - See that word right there...)

And I haven't been asked that question in such a long time, so I haven't had thought to really stop and think and answer it (until now).

Yet saying 'no' didn't feel quite right. I didn't feel 'un-confident'.

I mean, I felt nervous saying yes, but it felt more like a yes than a no.

Wow, how things change.

Sure I have my days and doubts when slight thoughts slip in every now and then of 'what will people think of me...?', yet mostly now as soon as they come I let them go.

And I guess, ok, now know (thank you beautiful friend of mine for helping me see), that that's what living unapologetically brings with it too.

A new found confidence... (and what a lovely feeling it is).

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