Packaging Design : Filled with Love

A couple years ago I started designing some cool tee’s, and when it came to packaging them up I knew...

  1. I wanted them to be just as cool (and love filled) as the tee’s. That before someone even opened it, they were excited by the box.

  2. That I didn’t want ANY plastic. It all had to be eco and planet friendly (and not end up floating around in our seas for the next far too many years).

And so today, THESE arrived!

Filled With Love - RUTH XO Packaging
Filled With Love - RUTH XO Packaging

My very own branded boxes ready to fill with tee’s and post all over the world.

I know it might seem like the smallest thing ever, yet I'm ridiculously excited to start sending/scattering a little more love everywhere! ❤️❤️❤️

To making things with love (or not at all)…

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