RACING, $160,000 AND PLAN B'S...

Can't Quit Cartel
Can't Quit Cartel
Can't Quit Cartel


The other day (after months of waiting) my guy got to spend the day at Silverstone racing around. There's a charity set up (I forget the name) where people with spinal cord injuries can apply and have a track day for free.

He didn't know who else would be there (if anyone), but when he turned up he saw a guy wearing his stuff (Can't Quit clothing) - and it turned out to be one of his customers that loved his stuff, how cool is that?!

THE $160,000…

You know when you have one of those (potentially) perfect timing moments? Well the day after (race day) my guy went to have calliper training (and side note on this, he got to bring them home which could mean a real **standing hug!!!** soon 😄😄😄) and there just so happened to be an exoskeleton (robotic leg brace things) demo happening after.

While the salesman was off doing his thing with the hospital staff Steve ended up talking to the guy who uses them (who's also paralysed) and shows others how they work after.

The guy told him the walking thing is cool (obvs), yet actually the bigger more life changing difference has come from the fact using them has stopped the majority of his pain.

(Without prompting) the guy explained how he (had) suffered with really bad nerve pain, and how it always seemed to be worse when he had 'stomach issues', yet how through being able to get up and move around/walk properly (which he does for 30 mins a day usually), his stomach eased and started behaving more 'normally' again - and thus his pain calmed right down with it.

My guy’s said pretty much from the start that while he feels pain in his leg - the un-fun irony not being lost on us as he gets it in the leg he has zero actual feeling in - it ALWAYS starts with his stomach and when it's 'not happy'.

The exoskeletons are around $160,000. While it's helped this guy we of course know it my not help him and his pain - YET, the thing I was most excited about when I heard was that it brought hope. I've not a single doubt that the pain he goes through doesn't have to be at the levels it is and that we just haven't found the thing that'll help his stomach (and thus his pain) yet.

$160,000 is a little pricey for the 'well, hopefully this MIGHT work for you too', yet we definitely want to look into whether you can trial/hire then for a month or so to see if there's a difference.

So yeah fingers crossed hey, and HOPE :)


And lastly...

You know I said our dreams got swept from under our feet that night of his accident - and how it's taken some time to find/decide what we want our 'different' life to look like, with new dreams and goals..?

Well our 'Plan B', Cornwall... We finally have a proper tripped booked in November to explore some towns and villages and house (ok, bungalow) hunt! 😄😄😄

The words BEYOND and EXCITED do not even come close! I'll keep you updated on how we get on! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

With love (and hope)...

Ruth Ridgeway

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