8 Ways to Sell Your Products and Services Using SendOwl

8 Ways to Sell Your Products and Services Using SendOwl

One of my favourite tools to use when it comes to receiving payments through my business is SendOwl.

I use others too (I’ll cover why another time), yet my favourite hands down is definitely SendOwl for three reasons…

  • It’s ridiculously to use.

  • It allows you to receive payments for about a million different things - I’ve used it for client payments, online courses sales, membership payments, eBooks, affiliates… The list goes on.

  • And lastly if you ever need them, their customer service is just AWESOME.

So given how much I love using SendOwl and how incredibly versatile it is, I’ve listed out eight tried and tested ways you can easily sell your products and services online using SendOwl (plus a couple of extra bonus ideas I think you’ll love too).

1. Receiving Client Payments

If you’ve a service based business (you’re a designer, copywriter or freelanced) or you’re a coach or consultant then you can easily set up a payment link in SendOwl for your clients to pay you.

Creating the link in SendOwl is super simple and you can easily paste it in an email which you can send to your clients. This then makes it super simple for your clients to pay, and usually means you get paid faster than the old traditional way of sending bank details and them needing to do a bank transfer.

SendOwl allows you to offer payments…

  • Through Stripe (for credit and debit card payments).

  • Through PayPal.

  • Both (meaning when your client goes to pay they’ll see both option and they can choose which they want to pay through.

2. Creating Payment Plans

I also love love LOVE you can create payment plans using SendOwl too, and for me this one gets used a lot.

When a new client signs up to work with me I always offer them two options:

  • To pay the full amount at the start.

  • To pay via monthly instalments while we work together (usually at a slightly increased amount).

Just over half of my clients choose the monthly payment option as it’s suits their budget better and SendOwl allows me to do it really easily.

How I set this up in SendOwl:

Step One : Once I’ve logged into SendOwl I click ‘Products’ down the left hand side, then ‘Add Product’.

How to add a new product in SendOwl

Step Two : Next I click ‘Subscription’ and then enter the name of the service, the price, the frequency (you can choose any frequency you want - every 2 weeks, every month, every year…) and the duration (how many monthly instalments that’ll be charged).

How to add a subscription in SendOwl
How to set up a subscription in SendOwl

Step Three : Next I click to select what I’m selling so SendOwl knows - in this case ‘Sell Service’ and then click ‘Save’.

Step Four : And then lastly you’ll then see another set of advanced options show up, and if you haven’t already in here you can select which currency you’d like to charge in.

SendOwl's Advanced Options

Side note : You’ll see in the third image above that there’s also an option to offer a free (or lower priced trial) but I never use this when it comes to selling services, although I will say it can work great when it comes to creating payment plans on courses or memberships!

3. Selling Online Courses

Oh yes yes yes. As well as accepting payment for services you can also accept set SendOwl up as your checkout cart for your online courses too (I told you it was versatile).

Anyway, there’s also two options you’re able to offer too:

  1. Pay in full.

  2. Pay via instalments (which you set up like the payment plans above but instead of clicking ‘Sell Service’ you’d likely click ‘Redirect Buyer to a URL’ and then add your new buyer to your email list through the advanced options).

When you sell online courses you can also create as many different payment plan options as you’d like.

For example if your course is £500 you could offer:

  1. One payment of £500.

  2. Two monthly instalments of £275.

  3. Six monthly instalments of £99

Side note : The only thing to be aware of is what plan you are on with SendOwl - different plans allow you to offer different amounts of subscriptions (or in this case, instalments).

There pricing and plans are clearly laid out in their menu here.

4. Selling Online Memberships

Just like with courses you can use SendOwl as your payment gateway for your online membership.

When I first created The Rich Life Club (my own online membership) I hosted the members area on Squarespace and used SendOwl to take the membership payments.

Just like with the payment plans for services and the instalments for courses, you set your membership subscriptions up in the exact same way except for the ‘Duration’ section.

Here instead os selecting ‘X’ number of payments, you select ‘Ongoing’. This way the membership payments will automatically be collected forever (unless you or your member cancels them).

Hello automation 🙌🏼.

5. Selling eBooks & Workbooks

Have you got an eBook or Workbook you want to sell?

Oh well yup - SendOwl handles that too!

Create your sales page as you normally would on your website with a ‘Buy Now’ button, then just add your SendOwl checkout link to that button and you’re good to go!

SendOwl even does the hosting or your eBook too, meaning when someone buys it SendOwl will then automatically deliver it to them via email too.

How to add an eBook in SendOwl:

Step One : Once you’ve logged into SendOwl click ‘Products’ on the left hand side and then ‘Add Product’.

Hoe to add a product in SendOwl

Step Two : Next click ‘Product’ and then what type of product you’re selling - for eBooks and Workbooks it would be ‘Digital Product’.

How to add a product in SendOwl
How to select what file type in SendOwl

Step Three : Add the name of your eBook, upload the eBook through ‘Attach File’, add your price and then click ‘Create Product’.

Step Four : Once saved click on ‘View Button Code’ at the bottom of your product page, and then copy the link and add it to you ‘Buy Now’ button on your sales page and voila! You’re ready to start selling your eBook!

How to find your button code in SendOwl

6. Creating An Affiliate Scheme For Your Courses, Books and Memberships

If you already have courses, memberships or eBooks set up through SendOwl you can offer your own affiliate programme to help increase your sales.

Basically when someone signs up to become an affiliate for you they receive their own set of unique links to share each of your products, and when someone then clicks on one of their links and goes on to buy one of your products - it then tracks as a sales for them and thus earns them an affiliate commission.

You get to choose how much commission you pay for each product and of course, you don’t pay anything unless one of your products is sold.

7. Becoming An Affiliate For SendOwl

When you sign up to SendOwl - and well, love it as much as I clearly do ;) - you also have the option for signing up to become an affiliate for them too.

This means anytime you then recommend SendOwl and someone signs up through your own affiliate link you receive a commission.

As I type they offer a 20% commission for the lifetime of any new paying customer.

This means when someone signs up through your link and they use SendOwl to sell their products for a year - you get paid for the the whole entire year.

And if they use SendOwl for the next five years… Yup you’ve guessed it - you receive that commission each and every month for the next five years.

Not bad for one little share of a link hey.

8. Creating a ‘Patron’ Page

If you’ve heard of Patreon - this is basically the same thing but without using the Patreon platform.

And if you haven’t heard of Patreon - creating a ‘Patron’ page basically allows you to receive a monthly income from your readers, listeners or watchers (depending on whether you have a blog, podcast, YouTub channel or something else).

In a nutshell it’s where your community can support you and the work you do so…

You can continue to do the awesome work you do!

I’ve seen so many people do this from bloggers to podcasters, from video and YouTube makers to those who want to offer and extra ‘uplevel’ offering to their community (meaning for those who become a Patron, their receive something extra each month as a thank you for their ongoing support and patron payments).

The set up is the exact same way you set it up for a membership above.

You create your sales page (or in this case - your Patron page) letting people know who you are, what you do and what you’re offering to your community for those who sign up a a Patron.

When I offered my own Patron page I offered different payment levels so people could sign up and support at a level they were happy at (all you need to do is add an extra ‘Subscription’ in SendOwl for each amount you want to offer).

When setting up a Patron page I’d recommend using the ‘Advanced Options’ and subscribing them to an email list where you can then deliver them what you’ve promised for becoming a Patron.

Tip : I use ActiveCampaign to host my email list as it offers a tonne of different options without getting super confusing.

Final thoughts…

In all honestly I could have written more than eight ways that you can make more money easily with SendOwl, because if you can think of a product or service you want to sell (online workshops, downloadable templates, stock photos, video trainings…) well let’s just say you’ll be able to use SendOwl to sell it.

Heads up : This post contains affiliate links meaning I’ll earn a commission if you decide to purchase. I only ever share my favourite products that I personally use, love and trust, and by using one of my links there’ll never be any extra cost to you.

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