How would it feel if you slowed down? ...even just for a second?

My guy was taken into hospital yesterday, it seems to be becoming a bit of a habit (although one I'm sure he'd love to kick... if he could).

The usual routine instantly commenced.

Grab bag, fill with clothes, meds, phone charger, wash bag, STUFF.

Begin rearranging doctors and specialists appointments that'll now be missed.

Look at calendar... What can I move? What can I push pause on? 

Put food in me so I have enough fuel to get me through.


Packed bags grabbed, I locked up before heading to my car to drive to the hospital - and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, I heard the birds sing.

I mean, they're usually there singing (especially on such a sunny yet cool spring day), yet somehow they stopped me in my tracks and I heard them a little more.

Beautiful and perfect and happily singing away without a care in the world.

And then because I stopped, I felt the cool air on my skin - and given I'd been cooped up most of the day in a hot stuffy room it felt delicious (and yes I'm really going to use a word like 'delicious' here, because it really was), before feeling that same cool air fill my lungs a little deeper, more expansive than before.

For those few seconds it was heaven. 

I needed to get in my car, drive to the hospital and deal with life. Be with my guy.

But not before I slowed down for those few small seconds, slowing down my (I'm on autopilot, get outta my way) pace to the car so if nothing else that day, I could savour, enjoy, remember, every little piece of that little (delicious) slice of heaven.

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