It's hard, slowing your mind sometimes.

Especially when you know slowing down and giving your mind the space it needs (and craves), only sees a new influx of inspired ideas come rushing in.

And they always - always - come rushing in, at least for me, and proper tsunami style too. Flooding in as they start to see 'gaps' appear here and there, a place and space they can come and pour themselves into - where they'll finally, hopefully, be heard through the 'busyness'.

And again if you're anything like me, you get the urge to run after every single one of them, and the shiny and exciting possibilities they offer.

And yet, in the very same thought, actually sometimes, all you really want to do is stop and breathe and tell them all just to hold up for a minute (or five) while you catch your breath and find your feet - and to calm that buzzing and excitement of potential possibilities.

Because as much as you love it, it's also exhausting in such high doses.

And so it's tough sometimes not only slowing down and seeing/knowing that influx is going to happen, but to also letting go of some of those shiny new ideas that buzz and flash often with the brightest of lights for (all of) your attention ...

Yet sometimes, it's even tougher trying to hold on to every last one of them.


Shortly after I shared this post the other week, I had a surprise parcel arrive at my door filled with beautiful and lovely things from Pure Thoughts - one of my (very) favourite places to buy soaps and oils because of their delicious smell, notes and eco friendly packaging.

The owner had put the box and gift together to help with the (much needed) rest and restoring over winter, and I just couldn't not share here with you too, because they are utterly beautiful to use... ❤️

Pure Thoughts
Pure Thoughts
Pure Thoughts