The Biggest Lesson I Learnt From My First Online Course Launch

Biggest Lesson from my First Online Course Launch

Ok let’s go back a few years to when I created my very first online course (it was about helping people design their own website on Squarespace that looked cool AF in a single weekend) and I was SO EXCITED.

I was like…

'Hello Passive Income, here I come..!!’

So I sat down, mapped out the whole entire course, recorded all 21 videos that were needed and then set about launching it.

And all was going really well until approximately 3 seconds after I launched it, because 3 seconds in I started thinking...

“...but what if people hate it?!”

“...but what if it’s totally s***?!”

“...but what if everyone thinks it’s so bad that they want a refund?!”

I kid you not, 3 seconds in and I was a total wreck.

And it wasn’t even a ‘big launch’ (I had no idea what a ‘big launch’ looked like back then) - I’d just sent an email to my subscribers letting them know I had this new course and how they could buy it.

Anywho… Then the PayPal ‘dings’ started coming in.


I literally did not know what to do with myself. To say doubt was wreaking havoc would have been THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE WORLD.

So what did I do?

I hid. Literally.

I hid and ignored (as in… DID NOT EVEN OPEN) my emails for the next 3 days. I couldn’t even look at them, I was too scared I’d see all these emails asking for refunds.

Anyway on day 3 I knew I had to face the music no matter what (I couldn’t stay in hiding forever although I’ll be straight with you - I was tempted…) so with palms sweating I opened my email folder and started to read each one and…

And people liked it. And people were enjoying it. And people were telling me how they already had their new website up and all because of me…!!

Not a single one of them said anything ‘bad’ or mentioned the word ‘refund’.

I’d been sweating for nothing.

I’d assumed everyone would hate it and yet in doing so the chance that sweating and (negative) assuming had ended up costing me more sales that week?

EXTREMELY HIGH, especially when I could have been telling more people about it instead of - face palm - hiding under my duvet.

So right now are you assuming something too (especially when it comes to your course launch or telling people about your products or services)?

Then it’s probably costing you $$$.

Better tactic? Assume nothing (especially the worst) and instead go share the bejesus out of YOUR awesome thing.

Let YOUR people love it, and let yourself get paid for it 🙌🏼.

Ruth Ridgeway

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