Ruth Ridgeway
Ruth Ridgeway

Wednesday mornings, are like, the best day EVER.

I adore them so much, I might even go so far as to say I look forward to them each week even more than I do the weekend coming around.

You see, I have an 'appointment' in my diary on Wednesday mornings.

It's automatically recurring each week and it's become a total non negotiable, meaning it doesn't get moved for anyone or anything.

That appointment is called 'Headspace'.

It's only just started in the last few weeks (I've experimented and played around with this idea before, but didn't have a 'set in stone' date/time to look forward to each week), yet during those four glorious hours of 'Headspace' time... all emails, Facebook checking, to-do lists for the day, and/or other commitments that try and wangle their way into my diary are put to one side.

They'll be there later once I'm back (because let's face it, they always are).

so Instead over the last four weeks I've used that time to...

Week One // Have my first Shiatsu massage (which was utterly DIVINE by the way).

Week Two // Have a slower (than usual) starting morning, allowing myself a little longer to get ready before having a 'potter' around the house doing a few bits I wanted to catch up on.

Week Three // Go for a great big (and winter fresh) walk along the coastal path near my home, before returning and enjoying a few chapters of my book with a homemade hot chocolate.

Week Four (Yesterday) // Have an extra hour in bed, before spending the morning blissfuly wandering around the shelves of my local library.

As a result of this (now permanent AND BLISSFUL) experiment...

This blog post poured out of me after the first week.

I had two big things 'click' into place about the upcoming Mastermind I'm hosting (which had been playing around in my head for weeks) on the third week during that big coastal walk.

And as I lie in bed for that extra hour on the forth, a whole new program idea (including all of it's contents) burst it's way excitedly into my head - which I know already will be a perfect accompaniment to the work that I do.

And heck, I know it's not just me, because I hear you telling me the VERY same things...

When I asked friends/colleagues/peers yesterday when they had their biggest ideas and doses of inspiration hit them, they replied... (and I quote)...

- When I'm taking the day off. Always.

- When I'm getting ready for bed/in bed/just about to nod off.

- When I'm driving.

- When I'm meditating.

- When I'm not looking at my phone.

- When I'm on holiday (or just not working).

- When I'm out for a run/at the gym.

- When I'm in the bath/shower.

- When I'm journaling.

- When I'm out in nature/at the beach/in the woods walking my dog.

- When I'm thinking about something other than the issue I am working on.

- When I'm well rested/taking time out to rest.

And I'm sure you don't need me to point out, that not a single one of them INCLUDED...

- When I've just spent all day working away at my desk.

- When I'm scrolling through Facebook/Instragram/Pinterest.

- When I've spent hours staring at my laptop.

- When I'm thinking, thinking, thinking hard about the problem I wanna solve.

So with all that being said, why do we insist 'working' the full day... Every day? And trying to actively 'push through' when we've got a problem to solve?

Each of us are saying that most of our problems are solved and/or the biggest waves of inspiration hit us when we're away from our desks/laptops - when we're in nature, when we're out walking, meditating, taking time off...

Basically, when we're doing ANYTHING but actual 'sit down working', and when our heads actually have the space to process, think and breathe...

...and then tell us what we most need to hear.

So I for one have officially broken up with the idea of continuing to push through, that 'working' and 'busying' myself for the whole week is the only way to go - because let's face it, it's just not working (and I say that after twenty-something years of having personally tried).

You're of course welcome (and highly encouraged) to join me in adding some headspace time to your working weeks too (pre-warning, it's utterly delicious and highly addictive).