Choose Adventure
Your Life. Your Rules. Your Way.

Since the day you're born you start to get conditioned into living by everyone else's 'rules'.

Don't be late.

Don't run.

Don't talk so much. Don't be so loud. Don't be so quiet.

Don't do it that way, you're doing it wrong - do it this way (read 'my way') instead.

Colour between the lines. Stay within the box.

Go to school. Go to college. Get a job, a mortgage, have 2.4 kids, a car and a white picket fence. Work that job until you retire, and then...

But here's the thing no one really say...

It's YOUR life.

It's your life and you can create whatever rules you want and live it your way.

Oh, hello freedom.

Don't wanna be stuck in a job you hate? Don't, switch jobs, start your own business, go do something you love.

Not happy where you live? Move, you're not a tree.

Don't like the way someone treats you? Love yourself enough to show them how it’s done. If they still don’t get the message - break yourself free #AintNoOneNoGotTimeForThat (and I promise you there’s more good eggs than bad... Said from experience ❤️❤️❤️).

You've one life, go live it!

Go enjoy every second you're blessed with on this planet and the whole great big adventure of it all - because that's what it really is, one great big adventure and it's already started.

So, where to next? Because you betchya you get to decide...

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