I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the idea of having a ‘bucket list’ or not, yet these are things I’d love to do so what the heck, call it what you will. I publish them because I believe the more others know what our hopes/goals/dreams are, the more others can help us achieve them.

You never know who/what someone knows, so let’s just see (if you can help, feel free to drop me a note at ruth@ruthxo.com).

Currently on the bucket list…

  • Have leafy green plants in my home grown solely from offcuts (and not kill them).

  • Have my home photographed and featured in a print magazine.

  • Visit Montserrat*.

  • Go to Texas.

  • Go to Hawaii.

  • Learn to fly an aeroplane.

  • Have my words/lettering painted BIG on the walls inside a shop/restaurant.

  • Go to a silent retreat.

  • Publish a book.

  • Volunteer at homeless shelter/food hall on Christmas day.

  • Make someones dream come true.

*Montserrat is one of my FAVOURITE fonts to use. As soon as I found out it was an Island as well I instantly knew I had to visit it!

The ones ‘ticked off’/completed/enjoyed/loved already…

  • Backpack around New Zealand.

  • Fly in a hot air balloon.

  • Swim in phosphorescence.

  • Bungee jump.

  • Travel solo around Thailand.

  • Explore NYC.

  • Renovate a house for profit.