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The Lifestyle Designers Club
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The Lifestyle Designers Club

…you got to work exactly when you wanted (instead of to someone else’s schedule), and not only that - but also from where you wanted (from home, the cute little coffee shop on the corner, Bali, a hideaway lake house…) and on exactly what you wanted (aka, the things that you really loved and were passionate about, instead of the stuff that feels heavy and draining or is outside of your zone of genius).

And imagine designing your business in such a way that it gave you the freedom to take a month off when you wanted, travel more often, or to have real time to learn to salsa, do yoga, take art classes or volunteer to causes that called you.

Well welcome to The Lifestyle Designers Club

It’s the Club freedom seeking, rule breaking business owners who are creating products - think books, online courses and membership programmes, design templates and physical products -instead of services so they can do the work they love but on their own terms (and schedules) creating the freedom they crave.

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When you join The Lifestyle Designers Club you’re instantly invited to join our pretty badass community of freedom seekers and rule breakers from all over the world. It’s a place where women are coming together to Mastermind, connect and learn from each other while breaking the rules on the traditional ‘trading hours for dollars’ business model and instead are designing businesses that support them (and their families) while enjoying the freedom they really want.

Freedom that’s allowing them to…

  • Spend Tuesday afternoons at the beach when they want to (wait, that’s me..!)

  • Travel when they want, for as long as they want.

  • Grow their business without being tied to someone else’s schedule.

  • Spend more time with their families and little ones.

  • Work from wherever they want in the world.

Here’s what just a handful of BFF’s inside are up to...

  • Writing their next book as they get ready to travel around New Zealand with their family in a camper van.

  • Opening their own online store to sell their artwork and prints so they can spend more time with their kids while they’re still little.

  • Taking 10+ years design knowledge and turning it into their own online design course so they can serve more people and earn more money while working less hours.

  • Building an online yoga membership platform so they can teach what they know and love withour being tied to studio times and class timetables.

  • Creating online mindfulness courses in addition to their regular job, that not only creates an extra income for their home but allows for extra family holidays.

Basically, they’re breaking the rules of traditional business models so they can do what they want, when they want and where they want while designing a life and business they love (and are passionate about) with the freedom to really enjoy it.

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The Lifestyle Designers Club

When you join you also receive instant access to The Lifestyle Designers Bootcamp - my signature six week online course (worth £397) filled with modules, lessons and worksheets designed to help you (re)design your very best life. It’ll also help show you if there’s anything that’s currently getting in your way from living the life you want and how to remove any blocks that are stopping you from enjoying a more freedom focused life.

The Bootcamp is your foundation for creating the mindset that ANYTHING is possible and you get to choose exactly what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

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Hey I'm Ruth

Head Rule Breaker and Freedom Seeker.

I created The Lifestyle Designers Club because I was done working the 9-5, being told what to do (and when to do it), and trading my (precious) hours for dollars - or well, pounds, because #British.

I wanted to be able to choose my own schedule doing the work I LOVED, while also being able to spend Tuesday afternoons at the beach and travel whenever (and for however long) I wanted.

The Lifestyle Designers Club now brings together women with similar freedom focused values who (instead of selling their time/services) are creating products, courses and other recurring income streams that offers them the flexibility to create the life (and lifestyle) they really want for themselves and their families.

Inside The Club you not only receive access to my signature Lifestyle Design Bootcamp, but you’ll also have a place to connect with an amazing community of women to mastermind with, learn from and connect with on a daily basis who are each carving their own path and defining what success and freedom looks like to them.

You’ll also find me sharing regular ‘Behind The Scenes’ lessons of everything I’ve learned along the way about building my own freedom focused business - meaning you get to learn exactly what works… And what doesn’t!

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The Lifestyle Designers Club

Join The Lifestyle Designers Club for just £20 a month

  • Receive instant access to The Lifestyle Designers Bootcamp - a six week online course created to design your very best life and business (worth £397).

  • Receive instant access to our amazing community of freedom seekers and rule breakers to Mastermind with and learn from (priceless).

  • Get the behind-the-scenes gossip (and lessons) straight from Ruth to build your own freedom focused business.

  • No long term commitment, you can cancel anytime.

The Lifestyle Designers Club
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The Lifestyle Designers Club


Once you’ve joined you’ll receive an email with a link to log into the members area via your own unique username and password. Once in you’ll be able to get access to The Lifestyle Designers Bootcamp and our amazing Lifestyle Design members community.


There’s no long term commitment when you join. While I hope you love it and stay part of our growing community, if you decide to leave simply drop me an email and we’ll cancel your membership from that point onwards. Please note, if you change your mind there are no refunds (in full or in part) for any previous membership payments made.


Drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer!