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The Lifestyle Designers Club

Hey I’m Ruth, and a couple times a year I open doors to… The Lifestyle Designers Club.

The Lifestyle Designers Club is an online playground filled with adventures, fun and women from all over the world who are designing their coolest of lives with one clear intention in mind..

Live Happy and Love Big
The Lifestyle Designers Club making each and every moment count. following our hearts and doing what feels good. enjoying the journey - mindfully - as we make our dreams come to life. enjoying life’s simple pleasures. treating others as we wish to be treated.

The Lifestyle Designers Club

...enjoying each day to its fullest.

...designing (and living) our happiest lives.

...adding more pleasure, play and just for the heck of it fun into our days.

...loving ourselves harder and treating ourselves like we would our own best friends.

...taking one small step each day towards our dreams and goals.


The Lifestyle Designers Club is a place to let go of all external expectations, noise and distractions, and instead reconnect with who you are and what you want most in the world.

It's a place to prioritise pleasure, play, freedom and joy. A place for more just-for-heck-of-it fun to be created and enjoyed every day.

Ultimately it's... 

The Lifestyle Designers Club

Members who choose to join receive a access to an online playground with a whole year of 'adventures' and journaling prompts to explore, each centred around a new monthly theme to design the life(style) you want, including…

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The Lifestyle Designers Club

Each adventure comes with its own set of journaling sheets, along with access to our online Clubhouse just for members, a place that surrounds you with those creating their coolest/happiest lives too.

The Lifestyle Designers Club

...access to our online playground just foe members.

...A year of adventures (52 in total over the year) to enjoy.

...Printable journaling sheets to match each weekly adventure.

...A new monthly theme to explore centred around our biggest lifestyle design values to create your own happiest life.

...Access to The Lifestyle Designers Clubhouse to share adventures (and stories) with other members.

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The Lifestyle Designers Club

The Lifestyle Designers Club is currently closed to new members, however we open the doors back up a couple times a year, so to find out when we're next accepting new members - just enter your email below and you'll be notified the second we are!

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The Lifestyle Designers Club
Nicola Rae-Wickham
Rachel Shillcock
Jo Macdonald
Marie-Eve Talbot
Anna Lisa
Katy Henry
Kimberley Robyn
Eva Raposa
Kelly Noelle Morrison
The Lifestyle Designers Club

What happens when I join?

Once you’ve joined you’ll receive an email with a link to log into the members area/playground via your own unique username and password. Once in you’ll be able to get access to our members Clubhouse (where all the conversations happen), along with any adventures and journaling sheets released so far.

Each month you’ll then receive four new adventures to enjoy around our core Lifestyle Design theme that month.

What happens if I change my mind?

There’s no long term commitment when you join. If you decide The Lifestyle Designers Club is not for you, simple drop us an email and we’ll cancel your membership (and any further membership instalments) from that point onwards. Please note, should you change your mind there are no refunds (in full or in part) for any previous payments made.

What if I have another question before I join?

Drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer :)

I’m on the fence! What happens if I don’t join before you close the doors, can I join again later?!

We only open the doors to The Lifestyle Designers Club a couple times a year so we can focus on our members and giving them the best experience at all other times - which is why we only allow new members to join during these times.

As there’s no long term commitment, you’re welcome to join via the monthly option to ‘trial’ us out, and while we hope you'll love it and stay, if you choose (having fully experienced it) we’re not for you, you’re welcome to cancel from that point onwards and no further instalments will be due.