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Ruth Ridgeway
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Over the years I’ve worked with women who are just starting their business through to million dollar brands, and there was one thing I noticed more than anything else…

The amount of success they had (or reached) had nothing to do with how experienced they were, what qualifications they had, how much they knew or what products they offered.

But instead how much **BELIEF** they had.

If they believed in themselves.

If they believed in their products/services.

If they believed they could really do it.

If they believed they could make the right decisions for themselves.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
— Suzy Kassem
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When self doubt is present, it’s like trying to run your business with the handbrake on.

If you’re not where you want to be right now, or you’re finding things harder than they need to be, then it’s likely in some way your ‘handbrake’ is on.

My role is to guide women to overcome self doubt, and to a place where they know how strong, capable and powerful they really are.

My goal is to give you the confidence to create the business (and life) you really want.

I work with women who…

  • Want to be guided, instead of ‘told’ what to do. I believe in empowerment, not disempowerment.
  • Are unconventional and free spirited. Meaning, women who aren’t looking to ‘play inside the box’ and instead want to follow their heart/gut instead of the latest trend or gimmick.
  • Want to walk the next step of their journey with someone by their side. Someone who’ll support them in playing bigger and more expansive, so they can see (and unleash) what they’re truly capable of.

If you know self doubt has been holding you back, I invite you to get in touch.

I work personally with up to ten women each year, guiding each to discover what their business and life really could be like if they let go of self doubt, and instead led with confidence and conviction... Knowing they were capable of achieving ANYTHING they wanted.


What those I work with can expect:

  • Personal 1:1 confidence building coaching sessions every other week.

  • Regular strategy intensives (mapping out the 'how to get there' for each of your dreams/goals), usually quarterly.

  • Me, in your back pocket. Literally. If you need a quick pep talk, or feedback on an idea, or to talk through a sticky situation with someone between sessions... I'M THERE. (We use an app called Voxer, it’s like a 'walkie talkie' on your mobile phone. It’s pretty cool).

  • In person meet ups if arranged (in the UK, sometimes elsewhere depending on our schedules/locations).

  • A beautiful surprise welcome parcel delivered by mail.

  • To work together for between six to twelve months. Sometimes we arrange something a little different, but we’ll discuss on our call.



Firstly, know I don’t believe in ‘pressuring’ or ‘persuading’ people, not my style and not my vibe. I trust you to make the right decision for you, and I want us BOTH to be 100% happy and excited to work together before we even think of committing.

So to begin and find out more, drop me a note below. Once received I’ll personally get in touch and arrange a time for us to speak.

Once we’ve spoken, if we’re both just as excited to work with each other I’ll let you know how we can begin.

And if for any reason we aren’t a perfect match, I’ll share with you any resources I have with I feel will help and serve your best.

Simple, easy, breezy, as life (and decisions) should always be.

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