Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain the saying goes...
Behind every great woman - there’s a Ruth.

If you’re reading this…

If you’re reading this, you probably have an overwhelming belief that each and every one of us has the power to create a truly amazing life (and business if we choose) - and that there isn’t just one set path for all of us.

You’ve been driven knowing that there’s more to life than just getting yourself a regular job and working the 9-5 each week, and while that’s great for others (if they choose), you know it’s not for everyone and you’ve always had a craving for more.

You know that the possibilities are endless for you - and while on one hand that excites you beyond belief, on the flip side you can then also often find yourself jumping from idea to idea, or beginning and then finding yourself start to question if you’re making the right decision(s) soon after.

If this feels like you, then read on…

I believe all of us get to choose exactly what we want from life, and the key to living a truly amazing life (and having a wildly successful business) is firstly to believe in ourselves and what we’re truly capable of, and second to have the courage to go after our dreams with full conviction - instead of constantly second guessing them.

My name is Ruth and I’ve a personal track record of bringing dreams to life and achieving what others would think impossible.

At the age of 21 I began renovating properties and reselling each for a profit without any prior experience in building or renovation.

Following this at the age of 26 I began working for an Estate Agency (again without any previous agency experience or knowing the area) and went from their entry level role - a junior sales agent - to being promoted to their lead negotiator within three months, to then becoming their highest earning negotiator (nationwide) within twelve months.

A few years later I started my own (location independent) business in a completely different field, launched my first online mastermind and had a rota full of clients within the first few weeks of leaving my full time corporate job.

My power now comes through taking my clients from a place of fear and doubt, to a place of clarity and confidence - knowing that they can achieve ANYTHING they want.


Through working together my clients have gone on to…

  • Fill their first ever in person workshop after struggling to book any clients for a year.

  • Be featured on TV to share their expertise.

  • Tripled their income within the first month of working together.

  • Published a No.1 bestselling book on Amazon - twice.

  • Launched their own mindfulness programs for kids which was rolled out in schools throughout Canada.

  • Designed a new stationery range and got it stocked in high street shops across the UK in their first year.

  • Halved their number of working hours while building a million dollar a year business in health and wellbeing industry.

Most people get stuck in a cycle of going from idea to idea, from possibility to possibility - often getting started yet then doubting themselves soon after and wondering if they’ve made the right decision.

Not my clients.

I show my clients what I see. What they’re truly capable of and how to achieve their biggest and wildest dreams by overcoming any fear and doubt that’s currently holding them back.

If you’re ready to see what’s truly possible for you in both your life and your business, or take either of them to the next level, then we should have a conversation.

To get in touch answer the question below (via the bright pink button) and I’ll let you know the next steps.