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Ruth Ridgeway
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Ruth Ridgeway

“You can’t do that...”

“But what will other people think..?!”

“You’re not ready yet...”

“You’re not cool/pretty/thin/experienced/talented/smart enough yet…”

Along with the ones that say you have to be something other than who you truly are.

Because it’s those voices that stop you being and achieving all that you want.

You see, when those voices take over it tips the balance.

You fall out of alignment with who you are, and what you’re truly capable of.

Ruth Ridgeway

...‘Should do’s’ start to come before what you’re most passionate about, and what brings you the real joy in the world.

...(Self) Doubt starts speaking louder and more consistently than (Self) Belief, which then sees you second guessing yourself and every decision you make.

...Fear stops EVERYTHING you're working for in it's tracks, including any (courageous) action that moves you closer towards your dreams.

...You start doing things that don’t feel like you (or following the crowd), instead of doing the most beautiful thing of all - following your own heart and being 100% unapologetically you.

So my job is to listen to those voices and show you what is out of balance, before guiding and supporting you back to full realignment using a mixture of deeply intuitive coaching, and my core framework, the Re-Balance Matrix.

Re-Balance Matrix

Because when you’re fully aligned and balanced…

Well, that's then you begin to achieve what felt impossible before.

It’s when you are at your most awesome, and when you begin achieving ANYTHING you want.

Wanna see what I mean, with real life examples?

Just scroll to the bottom of this page, and see what past clients of mine have been achieving, and what ultimate versions of themselves they've been becoming.



If you know THIS IS YOUR TIME, and you're to become all you truly are and achieve all that you're capable of (which I promise is so much more than those voices give you credit for)...

Then I invite you to get in touch.

I work with women who are ready to put joy, belief, courage, and what could just be, above fear, doubt and uncertainty once and for all.

Because when you do, the impossible all of a sudden starts to become your new daily reality, and the journey becomes a heck of a lot sweeter.

How It Works

I work with my clients in various ways and for different lengths of time depending on their needs. It's always one to one and we discuss the best option for you during our initial consult.

Investment starts from £1,200

Step One

Schedule a complimentary, no obligation consult.

Step Two

At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! During this call I’ll ask you some questions to get an real understanding of how I can best support you. This is the time you can also ask me any questions that you might have. We use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit to work together before you commit.

Step Three

Then if you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. And if you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit... Then I’m happy to share other resources to help you get exactly what you need.


Have questions first? Email me at

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S was a fully booked out Kids Mindfulness Teacher for years. She created an online course to share her knowledge with others, however sat on it for over a year worrying it wasn’t good enough. Through our time together, she let go of that fear and launched her course, not only earning her $11,000 on the first intake, but also rolling it out into schools across Canada.

K was busy working 90+ hours each week running her natural health centres around the UK. She felt responsible for everything, the success of her company, her clients, her team of employees… So continued to push herself taking no time off. Through working together, Katy realigned what was most important to her, and in doing so halved her working hours, created six weeks of holiday and travel time each year, and created space for joy and pleasure, while still continuing to grow her business.

K for years wanted to host her own retreats, but thought it was a ‘one day’ dream, first needing to run a coaching business for a few years before making it a reality. K’s realignment worked fast, choosing to embrace courage fully after our very first call, and in doing so scheduled her first retreat just two months later.

J, after being a mum to her three awesome kids, decided to train to become a Life Coach after everyone telling her she’d be so good at it. Yet something was off, it felt like a ‘should do’. Through working together, J’s true passion and purpose became clear - writing, editing, and creating a platform and a voice for women to celebrate their lives after 40. She let go of that ‘should’, and a few months later launched an online magazine and began writing her next set of books.

N doubted her next steps - her head told her one thing, yet her heart craved something else. After one conversation, she ended up selling her business - the one she had lost her joy for, and went on to become a stylist and consultant for high end magazines all over the world.

L worried she wasn’t experienced enough, and so always went after the small jobs that didn’t pay well. Through our time together, she shifted that balance and experimented with choosing belief over fear. It went on to land her high end design clients who loved her work, paying 2-4x her normal fees.



The one that doubts you every. single. step. of the way, or the one that says 'YOU'VE GOT THIS', and makes the impossible your new reality.


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