Here are some of my very favourite things. I've personally used, loved, and trust every single one. Some may be affiliate links, all are amazing.

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp


If you asked me the Q... 

What's the NUMBER ONE thing that's made your business a success?

I'd answer, hands down, Denise's bootcamp. 

Within the first year alone after doing it I doubled my income, cleared any debts, upgraded my car, and moved to a beautiful home right next to the sea. So yes, you can say I'm a fan. It was a big eye opener for me, and the very start of some very amazing things...

Acuity Scheduling


I use Acuity to book all of my client (and potential client) calls. 

I set up my calendar telling Acuity when I'm happy to have calls, and it takes care of the rest.

For example, it syncs with Google Cal (so I'm never doubled booked), it works out timezones (making it super easy for the person scheduling a call), it sends us both a notification letting us know the call is booked, plus I can set up either free or paid calls (and have the person pay automatically upon booking), and choose to set up a questionnaire for the person booking to give me any any info I need before our call. 

Creative Market


My go to for when I want to find some cool fonts and graphics. 

They've tonnes of other cool stuff, and the best part, when you sign up (which is free to do) they send you six new, totally free to use, downloads every Monday.