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If you're seeing this page, it's because I've sent you here, however here's a recap of what we've discussed...

The Mastermind runs for for 3 months, and the next round begins 5th June 2018.

We have a call each week, Tuesday's at 4pm (UK).

It's open to a maximum of 5 women each time, so it's small, powerful and super supportive. I'll be right there with you every single week with hands on coaching, mentoring and guidance.

Running alongside we also have a private Facebook group where we can share links, resources, pep talks and continue conversations between calls.

When joining you have two options, to pay in full which is £450, or via three monthly instalments of £175. You place is secure once you make the first payment.

Have any questions? Please, ask away and before you you sign up below via one of the bright pink buttons. Once joined there are no refunds and as I promise to honour showing up and being there for you, you agree to show up and honour instalments. #IntegrityAlways.

And what happens once you sign up?

You'll get a great big welcome of an email from me, and in plenty of time for starting I'll send you how to join the calls and how to access our private Facebook group.