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Self Love to Money Love
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain the saying goes... Behind every great woman - there’s a Ruth.

Before I begin working with a client I always start by asking them what their biggest goals and dreams are right now…

I ask them what they would love to do and achieve through working together?

They always reply and tell me, sometimes letting me know what has stopped them or gotten in their way so far.

Everything they tell me is always doable (always), so I let them know. I also let them know how it works, what we would explore together and the different ways/options that would be best for them.

You see, after this however I’ve noticed a pattern, because once I’m done telling them all this I see their face REALLY light up.

Hearing their first dream is possible then they say…

"Great, because one day what I’d REALLY love to do is…"

And then they go on to tell me what their really big dream is, the one they hold close and don’t speak of too often because of how much it means to them, because of how much it scares them…

"That sounds AMAZING..." I say, because it does.

"How come we’re not working on THAT dream together?" I then ask, explaining how much energy and excitement and passion I could see in them when speaking about this dream (unlike the original first).

Then one of two things happen...

They either shrink back, face dropping, before going on to tell to me all the reasons it’s not possible, why they’re not ‘ready’ yet - and I watch them lock the door back up, turning the thing that lit them up so much a few seconds ago back to being their ‘one day’ dream again.

They don’t see it as possible for them - it’s too big, too scary to do what it takes to grow into the person who can live THAT dream.


They shrink back, face half dropping with an… "Oh crap…" - for the first time seeing how they’ve not been owning their real dreams, how instead they’ve been trying to settle for something much smaller than they’re capable of and what they truly really want from their life/business.

And then, (usually with another "Oh crap…"), they go on to say…

"I need to do this. I’m scared out of my mind but I’m also excited out of my mind too… How do we begin…?"

You know one of the biggest things I’ve learnt over the years?

There’s really only one difference between those who live a wildly beautiful life seeing their dreams come alive and those who don’t…

They OWN their dreams, their real ones, and they have the courage to walk towards them every single day.

That's it. I’m simply here to guide the way, and make sure they don’t shrink back to anything less than what they’re truly capable of.


  • Open an artists retreat centre in South America.

  • Launch a mindfulness course for kids, which was picked up and rolled out in schools across Canada.

  • Be featured on TV to share their expertise.

  • Published a No.1 bestselling book on Amazon - twice.

  • Half their number of working hours (so they could travel more) while building a million dollar a year business in health and wellbeing industry.

  • Fill their first ever in person workshop after struggling to book any clients for a year.

  • Tripled their income within the first month of working together.

How it works.

I don’t have set packages for my clients and I don’t do ‘sales calls’.

If you feel called I invite you to get in touch below.

From here we’ll arrange a time to speak where you can let me know where you’re at and what your biggest dreams and goals are right now (as well as you’re biggest struggles if things are feeling heavy).

I’ll ask you some questions too, and from here one of two things will happen:

If for any reason I don’t feel I’m the best person to help you I’ll let you know, along with sharing any resources I have based on where you’re you’re at right now.

If after talking I do feel I’m the best person to help you, I’ll also let you know and from here I’ll give you different options on how that could look - you then get to choose which option (and length of time) feels good to you.

Ready to begin?

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