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Self Care Mentoring
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Hey I'm Ruth, Self Care Mentor for women who feel like life has turned into a juggle of busyness and work, leaving little time - if any - for pleasure or play.

Sometimes that means exploring and re-discovering what gives you pleasure and joy in the first place, and other times it means you already know exactly what you want, but you aren’t sure how to create that balance or how to fit it into your already busy day(s).

Most of the women I work with…

- Feel like they have little (or no) time for themselves anymore.

- Are often tired, even maybe bordering on exhausted, yet feel like they can’t stop or pause or take their foot off the gas even for a second in case things start to fall apart.

- Feel constantly busy, yet yearn for a break from it all, and to feel rested and restored again.

Ruth Ridgeway

...because you’re talking to one EX-over-achiever right here, and someone who used to be all go go go without knowing how to stop. So take it from me and my lessons learnt the hard way, that without the balance of rest and pleasure and just-for-the-heck-of-it fun filled joy, you start firing on only half your (very capable) cylinders, and then no one gets to see the best of you or what you have to offer.

The women I work with are ready to change that balance, because they’re ready to have it all.

Both a rewarding and fulfilling career, and a healthy, happy, thriving and spacious life too.

A life that is filled with more ease and flow and space to breathe.

A life where they have time to enjoy all that they’ve been working for and have achieved so far (as well as what is still yet to come).

A life that has room for rest, nourishment, pleasure and joy.

A life that has space to sometimes just be, as well as always do.

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When I talk about Self Care, you might think I’m talking about adding a bubble bath or kale filled green smoothie into your day, yet it’s so - so - much more than that.

The Self Care I guide women to is about:

- Creating SPACE just for you.

- Resting when you need to rest, instead of always feeling the need to push through.

- Taking things OFF of your plate (because I already know you’re great at putting things on it).

- Allowing yourself to be supported (as well as being the supporter).

- Prioritising pleasure, and joy, and the things that feel whole and nourishing to you. 

Because sure, you can have a great career, an amazing business, yet it’s even sweeter when you have the space to take care of you and actually to enjoy it too.

And what I will say is, is that Self Care can look different for everyone. For example…

For some it might mean beginning their day on a yoga mat, doing a few morning stretches before sitting still for ten minutes to set a clear intention for the day ahead.

For others it might mean their partner taking over the morning school run, so they have space to do what they need to do (without trying to juggle the needs of others at the same time), before being fully present with their family in the evenings and enjoying real time together when everyone’s back from work and school.

For others again it might mean hiring a VA or part time project manager, so they can focus on what they do best instead of trying to do and manage EVERYTHING on their own, knowing that they’re fully supported as they do.

Or... it might be something completely different again.

As we work together to create a Self Care practice that serves you, you will dream and maybe even experiment to find what feels right and good for you, which is why we normally work together over a period of three to six months.


My ultimate goal is to CREATE THE SPACE FOR you TO feel nourished and fulfilled in ALL areas of your life, not just in work... 

...and I do this through creating tailored Self Care Coaching Experiences for those I work with.

Ruth Ridgeway


I invite those who feel called to send me a message via the contact form below.


Once received, I get in touch to arrange a (Skype) call for us both. Here I ask you some questions so I can understand how to help and support you best. You’re also welcome to ask me any questions you have during our call - I’ll happily answer any you have.


After our call, I gather all my notes and create a custom proposal just for you that supports all of your wants and needs, as well as your greatest dreams and desires. This proposal will contain 2 or 3 ways we can work together. Each option will be beautiful in it's own way, and each at different price point, so you can choose the level of support that feels just right to you.

The experiences I create for you will always contain personal 1:1 Coaching and support with me, as well as a beautiful Self Care Package delivered to your door to start. Yet it also may include other things, like an exquisite and nourishing Self Care Day in a beautiful location or a mini retreat just for you to begin your journey if desired.

Each of the Self Care Coaching Experiences I create start from £1200.

(That’s approximately $1500 my US and international friends).

So if you’re ready, so am I.

Let’s begin and create you some space...