Here’s what I know for sure…

When a woman increases her self worth, her financial worth increases too.

(And it’s one of the most beautiful and empowering things in the world to watch).

Often when women come to me they want me to tell them ‘how’ to do something.

‘Just tell me how to __________ and I’ll go and do it…’

Yet through working with hundreds of women and female entrepreneurs over the last six years I can hand on heart say the real reason women aren’t earning the money they want (yet) is never about the ‘how’.

Yes I work with my clients on the strategy side of their business (see info on this below), yet the real underlying reason their income isn’t consistent, that they’ve hit a plateau, or that it always feels so hard to make actually starts something much deeper…

Not feeling truly worthy of receiving what they really want, because somewhere within them there’s a deep rooted belief that make them question whether they’re really enough. Whether they can really do this. Whether they’re a ‘fraud’ and they’re about to get caught out.

So they play small. They ask for less. They don’t show up as their full, whole selves with all they have to offer.

What if I said you are likely already on the brink of success, but there was just something - a belief, a block, or some kind of hidden story - that’s holding you back from achieving it.

What if actually to take your business (and your income) to the next level it wasn’t about learning more or doing more, but actually loving yourself harder than you ever have before.


  • Book four new clients within 48 hours, and fill their next workshop within 3 weeks.

  • Make over $11,000 launching their first ever mindfulness course.

  • Get featured on TV.

  • Become a bestselling author - twice.

  • Create a consistent flow of clients they love working with, mostly through referrals.

  • Go from earning £1,500 to £5,000 a month in their design business within 4 weeks.

  • Half the number of hours they work while growing a million dollar a year company.

My clients are ready to work on the strategic side to take their business to the next level (offerings, messaging, pricing etc), yet they’re equally ready to do the inner work on themselves as they know this beyond anything else is the key to taking leaps (instead of baby steps) in their business and income.


  • Uncovering what limiting beliefs are blocking the real income you desire and ‘rewrite’ them into new set of beliefs to take you and your business to the next level.

  • Stepping into the highest version of yourself.

  • Finding ways to take inspired action from a place of abundance and confidence (instead of fear or lack).

  • Owning the real value of what you have to offer - and charging for it accordingly.

  • Letting money be easy, and creating more passive income in your business.

  • Attracting a consistent flow of ideal, perfect fit clients (and letting go of the not so perfect ones).

When you know you’re ready to set yourself free from the fears, beliefs and blocks that have held you back and kept you playing small.

When you know you’re ready to become financially free and reach the next level of abundance and success in your business (whatever that looks like to you).

Then you and I should have a conversation.

How it works:

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During this time you can ask any questions you have, and I’ll ask you some questions in return about where you are right now and what you’d like to achieve over the next 12 months so I can understand how best to support you.

From here I’ll give you some options to choose from in line with your goals and budget.