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In 2014 my guy was involved in an accident of pure bad luck.

He fell from a 20ft bridge that left him paralysed, one side of shattered ribs and a punctured lung.

The punctured lung has since healed, the ribs... Well, let's just say they're in pieces but holding together, but the non-walking part and the other complications that come from being paralysed (such as daily nerve pain and other things I won't mention here) are here to live with and deal with each day.

While we look to make the very most and best out of this 'Plan B' life of ours (Plan A was to emigrate to New Zealand, get married on the Cooke Islands and live happily ever after), some days are TOUGH.

This Patron page is a place to share those stories... The good, the tough, the everything in between of this new life. They aim to share a little glimmer of hope when the very worst happens.

I receive the most beautiful and kind messages off the back of sharing them, and now for those who want to help/support further, here via this Patron page is how you can.

Here you get to choose the level of support you're happy to offer, and in return you receive the stories I share of me and my guy each month.

You'll also receive the knowing that you're supporting us and two people who've been dealt a shitty blow but making the very most of it anyway.

Doing so will help take away the strain when times are tough (like last year when my guy was emergency rushed to hospital with sepsis), where I can then really be with him if/when needed instead of worrying about work and making sure we're ok financially still.

So is this 'expected'? No way, never... But it is most gracefully, gratefully and lovingly received. Knowing you have us is EVERYTHING. 

I've decided not to add extra 'stuff' as some do via Patron pages depending on your level of support each month - this isn't about that. However know these are my three goals:

  1. To look after him/us. Hitting my first goal here will mean if he’s sick for a day/week/longer... WE'LL BE OK. I can be there as needed without the worry/stress of work on top too and simply take care of what's most important.
  2. Expenses these days are higher - they just are. Reaching my second goal would mean there's more SPACE, time to have a break which would just be utterly delicious. Essentially, it would allow more time to just be and breathe and enjoy and amongst work and caring.
  3. Medical STUFF. Wow. Let’s just say things needed these days, they add up. While our NHS is amazing not everything is covered. More money would mean we’d be able to explore all the options available to see if we can deal with and combat the levels of pain my guy deals with each day, which quite simply would change EVERYTHING.

In advance, thank you - with the biggest of love and the stories which are about to become yours...

Ruth Ridgeway

Ruth Ridgeway Patron


...Thank you.


Ruth Ridgeway Patron


Thank you. The little difference makes a BIG difference.


Ruth Ridgeway Partons


Know you supporting us here starts to buy breathing space to just be and breathe and enjoy in amongst all the other daily 'STUFF' (which is totally PRICELESS).


Ruth Ridgeway Patrons


Thank you. Know here you're contributing to my guy getting seen by doctors and specialists to help deal with his pain (and other unmentioned things) as best we can.


Ruth Ridgeway Patrons


The fact that you're here and supporting us in this way is... EVERYTHING. Almost beyond words kind of everything. Being here allows us to get some hands on help so we're not doing it all solo.



What happens once I pledge?

In your emails you'll receive two things... 1. A receipt of your monthly pledge. 2. A link to confirm you're happy to receive emails from me. Confirming yes you are will allow me to send you the stories I share. Your email won't be used/shared for anything else.

Talk to me about the monthly pledges...

Via the email receipt you receive, you'll also be able to log in online to your payment info where you can change/cancel your patron support at any time so you're always in control.

How will I receive stories/updates?

Once you confirm you're happy to receive emails from me (via the link when you pledge), this is how I'll share them with you.

I've got another question, how can I get in touch?

Any questions, I'm at