10 Years

Ten years ago (today) I had my first date with this cute one.

I think we can all pretty fairly say it's been a ride (understatement much?!) with more ups and downs than I'd ever have expected in a whole lifetime, and yet…

Here we are... ❤️❤️❤️.

So, Happy Anniversary to the guy...

...who's seen me at my very worst, and yet still loved me anyway.

...who helped show me that I am worthy of love and kindness (despite my own doubts and fears).

...who makes me smile like no one else can.

...who gives THE BEST back tickles (which I could - and do - sit for hours for).

...who said he's gunna build me a walk in wardrobe (side note - this one was definitely promised about seven years ago... #CoughCough #NudgeNudge #StillWaiting).

...who's my favourite adventure buddy, and who I can't wait to see more of the whole big wide world with.

I never would have thought we'd be here now, and yet we are - and I feel so (so) lucky.

Here's to the next ten...

(…just with fingers and toes crossed they're a little less of a 'ride' yeah?? ❤️🤞🏼).

With the biggest of LOVE -

Ruth Ridgeway