Want a different result? Do something different.

I used to work in a really big office and there was always someone who was on a diet.

They’d tell people about the weight they wanted to lose and what diet they were now on (having already tried a dozen others already).

They were ALWAYS hopeful at the start and yet a few short weeks in - or sometimes days - saying how they’d ‘cheated’ or it wasn’t working and how they were now looking at the next diet or juice cleanse (or whatever) next.

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You are not a tree. If you don’t like where you are, move.

The first year after my guy came out of hospital things we REALLY tough.

Along with not being able to walk anymore he was also in so. much. pain. every. single. day. - and that was on top of a whole bunch of other pretty shitty stuff he was already dealing with (that’s not mine to share).

I guess it was the naivety of not knowing, of not having been in such a situation before, that I didn’t realise just how much would end up falling on my shoulders.

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