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Want a different result? Do something different.

I used to work in a really big office and there was always someone who was on a diet.

They’d tell people about the weight they wanted to lose and what diet they were now on (having already tried a dozen others already).

They were ALWAYS hopeful at the start and yet a few short weeks in - or sometimes days - saying how they’d ‘cheated’ or it wasn’t working and how they were now looking at the next diet or juice cleanse (or whatever) next.

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4 Years on...

I look like an idiot in this photo (the first one), and I only share it because today is 'today', and it's the only photo I can find of us both standing together.

The other day me and my guy were going for a walk (me walking, him rolling), and we were saying how today was almost here.

Today being four years to the day of the accident that changed everything.

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3.5 Years on... An update

3 years ago I wrote a post, the first about me and my guy and his accident.

I was *SO* nervous hitting publish. How I'd be seen, how he'd react.

Yet that post opened the doors to the biggest wave of kindness and love and support I've ever received, and in a way, that wave saved me, and him.

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