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You are not a tree. If you don’t like where you are, move.

The first year after my guy came out of hospital things we REALLY tough.

Along with not being able to walk anymore he was also in so. much. pain. every. single. day. - and that was on top of a whole bunch of other pretty shitty stuff he was already dealing with (that’s not mine to share).

I guess it was the naivety of not knowing, of not having been in such a situation before, that I didn’t realise just how much would end up falling on my shoulders.

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The side you don’t see…

When I write stories I’ll often share that for my guy it’s not the non walking part that’s the toughest, that it’s actually the pain and ‘other stuff’ that comes with it.

I don’t write/talk about the ‘other stuff’ as often it’s personal and not mine to share - yet here is one of those ‘other stuff’ times, the side you don’t get to see…

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When you just have to know…

If you asked me now what I was looking to achieve, or even hoping, I'm not sure I could honestly tell you.

I mean, I *knew* my guy couldn't walk, and did I think overnight 'oh wait, I'll try this and everything will be ok and he'll just all of a sudden start wiggling his toes again...'? No.

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4 Years on...

I look like an idiot in this photo (the first one), and I only share it because today is 'today', and it's the only photo I can find of us both standing together.

The other day me and my guy were going for a walk (me walking, him rolling), and we were saying how today was almost here.

Today being four years to the day of the accident that changed everything.

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Yesterday went a little like this...

5AM // Spot a text from my guy (who was 'sleeping' next door for the night) sent 30 minutes before. A photo of him looking beyond tired/stressed/wondering what the heck to do with himself.

Go next door, give him a cuddle. Remind him he's loved and agree this is the unfairest thing in the whole world, because it really is. So far as much as he's needed/wanted to, he's not slept. It's the pain. Always the pain.

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