Pricing Deep Dive

This is where we begin. Please make sure you return your answers at least three working days before our first session so I have the time to fully prep for our first call.

With you sharing with me where your business is now, who you serve and how you love serving them best - along with what feels hard, heavy or an area of struggle right now.

This’ll give me everything I need to support you best when it comes to pricing your services, communicating the real value they offer and attracting the clients who’ll pay what they’re really worth.

So, over to you… Let’s begin.

What specifically was it about them... Was it the way they worked? Certain values of beliefs they had? The industry they were in?
For example : They might come to you to design them a beautiful website, but the 'problem' you keep hearing is how embarrassed they feel to send anyone to their current site.
If so what do you do when this happens?
For example : Are they on your website? Do you tell them on a call? Do you create them some kind of custom proposal?