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Rewrite Your Money Story
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Here’s what I know for sure…

If you’re not currently earning the money you want there’s either some kind of ‘block’ or limiting belief (or a series of them) that is holding you back.

Usually these blocks and beliefs are so deeply ingrained you don’t even know they’re there, yet it’s these unconscious ‘stories’ that stop you from achieving the financial success you want no matter what (or how hard) you try.

Instead you find yourself hitting the same glass ceiling (again and again) yet unable to break through it.

Or you see your income go up and think ‘Finally, this is it...’, only to then see it go straight back down again shortly after.

You’ve reached the point where you’re ready to break that cycle.

You’re ready to uncover what’s really holding you back and rewrite your money story once and for all.

Before we continue know that I hear you, because for years I was that person.

I thought I had to learn more, be more, work more, offer more - yet in reality there wasn’t something ‘more’ I needed to be (or do), instead I simply needed to ‘rewrite’ the stories that were playing on repeat in the unconscious part of my mind.

When I started to see what stories were holding me back, I began to change them and rewrite them into stories that supported me, my income goals, and the woman I wanted to become.

Stories that allowed money to start flowing again with ease.

Stories that allowed me to charge for the real worth and value I offered.

Stories that allowed me to replace my full time corporate income with an one from my own business.

Stories that allowed me to see my way out of debt.

And stories that saw me with savings in the bank and a consistent monthly income that continues to grow each year.

These days I now have the honour of working with authors, teachers, designers, coaches, EFT practitioners, nutritionists, online course creators, plus many many more women who are amazing at what they do, yet who aren’t earning the income they truly desire because of their own set of stories that are holding them back.


  • That their work isn’t good enough.

  • That they’re not qualified enough yet.

  • That real success is for other people.

  • That they’re a ‘fraud’ who’s going to get caught out soon.

  • That they need to be someone else.

  • That they have to be ‘perfect’.

Maybe one of these rings true for you, or maybe you have your own different story yet to be uncovered. Either way know when you’re ready to break through the income ceiling you keep hitting up against, we can rewrite your money story - and we can do it fast.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to take years and years and years to reach the income you really want.

Through working with women over the last six years I’ve developed a process that goes deep and rapidly uncovers the blocks and beliefs that are holding you back, and then together we rewrite them into a new set of beliefs.

Your new money story.

A story that serves you better. A story that unlocks your true earning potential. A story that starts to see money flowing again with ease.

You’ll become more confident in your pricing.

You’ll become more confident in yourself.

You’ll become more confident in your work and the true value you offer.

You’ll learn to ask for and receive money with ease.

You’ll learn to open up new ways of allowing more money to flow to you.

You’ll learn to break through the glass ceiling like it was never even there.

Through working together my clients have gone on to…

  • Book four new clients within 48 hours, and fill their next workshop within 3 weeks.

  • Make over $11,000 on their first ever launch and become the go to expert in their field.

  • Create a consistent flow of clients they love working with, mostly through referrals.

  • Go from earning $1,500 to $5,000 a month in their design business within 4 weeks.

  • Half the number of hours they work while growing a million dollar a year company.

This process works at all income levels. If you’ve hit a plateau or can’t seem to break through the next glass ceiling you’ve found yourself up against, this is for you.

Here’s how it works:

If you’re ready to rewrite your money story and unlock your true earning potential, know the process is fast (6 weeks).

To begin first get in touch via the bright pink button below.

Once I’ve received your email I’ll personally be in touch to arrange a time for us to speak. Here you can ask any questions you have and I can find out more about you and what your biggest goals and dreams are right now.

From here we’ll uncover each of the beliefs, blocks and stories that are currently holding you back and stopping you from earning the income you truly desire, before rewriting each into a new money story that allows money to flow with ease again.

The investment is 2x £600, with the option to pay in full to receive a discount.