I like to keep things simple and transparent, so these are the three things we both agree when working together...

1. Payment for our work together is non refundable, as once made, I'm committed to ensuring you receive the support, guidance and mentoring you need to reach your goals. If you have any questions, please ask them before making payment and securing our time together.

2. Time is (so) precious, which means I respect your time as much as I do my own. Given this, we both agree to show up and ready for each session on time. If a session needs to be rescheduled for personal reasons, we'll rearrange to another mutually agreeable time with a minimum 24 hours notice.

3. Personally I've found email coaching never works (it clogs up inboxes and meanings can get lost in typed translation) so it's not included between our Skype coaching sessions.

That said, I understand from time to time my clients need to check in/soundboard an idea or thought which would be really useful before our next arranged session. If that arises, please drop me a note and we'll schedule an additional 15-20 minute call at no extra cost.