Before we begin here’s the (not so) small print, and the three things we both agree before starting our time together…

ONE //

As time is so precious, we both agree to be on time and ready for our scheduled sessions.

As life is ‘life’ sometimes however and emergencies do happen, if you’re unable to make a session for any reason no stress - just reach out before our arranged time begins and we’ll reschedule for the next mutually suitable day/time.

TWO //

Our time together is payable either via one payment in full before commencing or by equal monthly instalments which will complete before our last session together. Because integrity is everything, when paying via monthly instalments you agree to complete each instalment in full over our duration.


When agree to we work together I am committed to providing you with the best service, guidance and coaching from that day forward so any amount(s) paid for our time together is non refundable once made. If you have any questions before commencing please ask away - I’m here to make sure you’re both happy and confident in any decision(s) you make.