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Ruth Ridgeway - Unapologetic
Ruth Ridgeway - Unapologetic
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Ruth Ridgeway - Question

Ok, questions - plural, but they’re good ones. LIBERATING ones, so roll with me and imagine for a second - because they might just change your life (just like they did mine)....

- What would life be like, if instead of doing the thing you think would keep everyone else happy, you chose to do the thing that felt really good to you?

- What would life be like, if instead of second guessing every. single. thing. you said, and you did - worrying what someone else might think if you said/did what you really wanted - you knew exactly what to do (and say) in any given moment?

- What would life be like, if instead of listening to the doubting voice each day, you decided to listen to the one that believes in you? The one that KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt - You can do it. 

- What would life be like, if you asked for help when you needed it? Or if you asked for exactly what you wanted - instead of settling for what you got?

- And what would life be like if you let go of everyone else's expectations of you, and simply allowed yourself to be… you? All of you. Without a single apology attached.


In 2016 I chose a word for the year - Unapologetic - it changed my life.

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Because I was tired of not feeling ‘enough’, of worrying what other people thought of me, or if I might say or do the wrong thing, or if I’d upset someone for asking for what I really wanted (or needed). Of putting everyone else before myself.

So I sat down and wrote this book, sharing ten lessons I learned about letting go of trying to please everyone else, and doing the thing that made me feel good and whole and happy and… well, me again. 

It’s a word that taught me how to love myself more, that I was loveable just as I was, and in sharing this book, I hope (with all of my fingers and toes and limbs crossed) it does for you too. 

Because now I can say one thing for sure…

When you love yourself fully, Unapologetically, life becomes a heck of a lot more fun and a heck of a lot more beautiful.

Ruth Ridgeway - Unapologetic
Ruth Ridgeway - Unapologetic
Unapologetic Grey Background 4.jpg
Ruth Ridgeway - Unapologetic

Inside you’ll find…

- Ten (real life) personal stories on what it’s like to let go of what others think, and do the thing that feels good to you.

- A set of journaling questions after each chapter, to help you dive deeper into each area of your own life, and see where you might be apologising for parts of you.

- Ten experiments - your practical takeaway action items - each designed as a way for you to practice loving yourself more (Unapologetically more) so you can start living the life you really want too, now, because you’re worthy of everything you’ve ever wanted, just are you are - without changing a single thing about yourself .


Once purchased, digital eBook will delivered instantly via email.


What others have said…


"The book is awesome - I read it from start to finish the second it hit my inbox! 

It’s made me come up with my own version of Unapologetic, #LiveLikeDaisy - my feisty, vibrant, inspirational, crazy dog who lives her life to it’s fullest every day regardless of what life throws at her."


"I'm at page 17 and loving your voice and stories. So recognisable!"


"I bought your new book and I love it!!

It reminds me of Danielle LaPortes latest 'White Hot Truth' book :) "


"I just love your voice and style of writing it's like chatting with a dear friend you haven't seen in a long time but that you just pick back up with....

I guess it's a bit like your own inner voice that we silence and now I'm reacquainting with it."

Dianne Zellers

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See you on the inside…

Ruth xo