How To Lose Weight, Sleep Better And Have The Success You Want

How to lose weight, sleep better and have the success you want

I used to work in a really big office and there was always someone who was on a diet.

They’d tell people about the weight they wanted to lose and what diet they were now on (having already tried a dozen others already).

They were ALWAYS hopeful at the start and yet a few short weeks in - or sometimes days - saying how they’d ‘cheated’ or it wasn’t working and how they were now looking at the next diet or juice cleanse (or whatever) next.

A few years prior I was in the same boat, unhappy with my weight and having already tried (and failed) with many a diet and while I don’t remember how somehow I stumbled across ‘I Can Make You Thin’* - a book by Paul McKenna.

With nothing to lose bar the £10 the book cost, I bought it and read it and started following every word.

One of the things I LOVED about it most was how it wasn’t a ‘diet’. There were no foods that were off the table, there was no set meal times, meal plans, ‘eat more of this’ or ‘eat less of that’.

Instead of telling you what to eat and when, it helped you to think about food differently and how to start ‘re-programming’ your mind when it came to food.

Each week after I read that book I started to lose a consistent 1 - 2 pounds each week, until I lost around 24 pounds and found myself at my ‘happy’ weight and size.

That weight stayed off for the next seven of so years with ease.

I’d tell my friends at my workplace about the book I read, about how it wasn’t a diet and how it had helped me lose weight easily and keep it off - how it had actually changed my life and my whole relationship with food and dieting.

Do you know how many people (out of the dozens I told) who went and bought the book?


Not one.

They carried on skipping from one diet to the next as they were too set in the belief that you had to be on a ‘diet’ to lose weight - even though not a single one of those diets had worked for them in the years I worked there.

They wanted a different result, but they kept doing the same thing.

A few years later I went through a spell of really bad insomnia.

I found another book of Paul’s - ‘I Can Make You Sleep’*.

Just like the first book, it changed my life and within a couple short weeks I began sleeping again with ease and have done ever since.

I’ve likewise told many a person about the sleep book when they’ve said they too have insomnia or are struggling to get in a regular sleep pattern with enough sleep.

Do you know how many people have bought the book?


Not one.

They’ve all kept doing the same things yet kept hoping for a different result.

The funny thing is I’m not even trying to sell more of Paul’s books for him (I get nothing out of referring them) - I simply wanted to help others achieve their dream or goal too.

Whether it's food or whether it's sleep, whether it's your business or something more personal...

If you want to see a different result, maybe you’ve gotta do something different first.

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Ruth Ridgeway

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