I Am A Woman Who...

I Am A Woman Who... Journaling Book

Ahhhhhh I can finally share!

(I’ve been waiting for my copy to arrive, for some reason ‘author copies’ take longer!)

Over the years I've designed a million different things yet I can say nothing (like, NOTHING) feels as good as holding something you've made and designed in your own hands.

As of today I now have a book, the first of about eight planned and it's on Amazon!

(How freckin' cool is that?!)

It's called... 'I Am A Woman Who...' and it's a 222 page journaling book for stepping into the highest and most awesome version of yourself.

And now I have a ‘real’ book in my hands, I've also put some more info together along with links on how to buy it here:


And and and annnnnnd, thank you to everyone who's already bought it so far, because literally the second coolest thing is definitely seeing others use it and love it and share it too - thank yoooooou! 💕💕💕

Ruth xo

Ruth Ridgeway

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