Living With Chloasma (Melasma)

Ruth Ridgeway - Living with chloasma (melasma)

I was scrolling through Instagram when I accidentally swiped to the side, you know the side that brings up your camera and immediately shows you - you.

Lying on my bed wearing just the lightest of make up in this summer sun, I saw my face and all it’s markings.

ALL it’s markings.

The sun brings them all out, pop pop pop pop POP.

Squidgy brown marks everywhere.

Living With Chloasma (Melasma)
Living With Chloasma (Melasma)

I have chloasma (melasma). I dunno why, it just appeared one day under the Thailand sun in 2007.

I had a great big brown splodge on my forehead, right in the middle of my eyebrows.

It’s come back every year since.

And it’s weird, it kind of moves. Each summer I get to see where it’ll be this year.

The brown mark between my eyebrows has been gone for a while, yet it’s spread across my upper lip, two patches on my cheeks (when you get it, it’s often symmetrical, ‘butterfly’ like), two kinda patchy ‘L’ shapes above my eyebrows, and this year, a great big patch going from the corners of my mouth down to most of my chin.

I used to hate it (I still can’t say I love it), yet now I’ve learnt it’s just me, and I no longer try to hide my face... From either the world or the sunshine.

(It’s not treatable, you’re just told if you don’t want it to ‘pop’ out, stay out of the sun - yet for this summer child... #AintGunnaHappen).

I don’t have a real reason for sharing this... I think it’s partly for me to show me how far I’ve come in accepting myself just as I am, and partly for anyone else hiding/cringing at their ‘flaws’.

I hope it shows we all have them, and takes away so much of the shame often felt for carrying them... (I’ve learnt how insanely heavy they can be).

To you, for being beautiful just as you are... Always ❤️❤️❤️.

Ruth Ridgeway

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