Moments Worth Remembering

Moments Worth Remembering

Me and my guy - insert ❤️❤️❤️- yesterday on our 30 minute 'mature and sensible' escape to the beach last night after work.

And I could just post these photos on their own an be like…

‘Hey look at us having an awesome day!'

…and yet it wasn't an awesome day all day.

Yesterday my guy was actually having a pretty shit filled day - they happen some days with the stuff he now has to deal with because of his injury - and hence we decided to escape and enjoy a little of the day before it was all over.

Side note: There MIGHT have been a hot doughnut or three involved too. Just maybe.
My guys idea but man a damn good one.

The gf and empath in me (really really really) wants to be able to take all the unfair and shit filled stuff away so he never has to deal with any of it again, and yet while I also know every single bit of me wants to and can't, I can make sure these little bits in between are filled with love and silliness and things worth remembering.

That I can do... 

Ruth Ridgeway

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