Self Worth Cards

Self Worth Cards

What can you do to make it really special?

^^^ Heads up - this the question I ask myself before I make or design ANYTHING.

For example I’ve said right from the start when someone buys one of my tee’s I don’t just want them to love the tee (although of course I want that too), I want them to love the WHOLE EXPERIENCE from the start to finish.

I want all of it to feel special, from the second the parcel lands on their doorstep - hence the love filled boxes - to the little notes they find inside like these Self Worth cards that people can personalise and use as a little daily love filled reminder.

The wearing of the new tee, well that then becomes the icing on the pretty awesome cake.

With each print run of tee’s (there’s usually one or two drops each year in limited numbers) I design a new card or set of cards to be included and I love them for so many reasons…

  1. I have SO. MUCH. FUN. coming up with them and designing them.

  2. I love there’s a little extra something to make people smile.

  3. And because my design style is often simple, bold and eye catching, people love Instagraming them (meaning more people find me and my tee’s for next year ❤️✌🏼).

WIN : WIN : WIN all around.

So if you’re making something right now I’ll loan you my question…

How can you make it special?

How can you have even more fun with it, how can your customers love it EVEN MORE - and in turn of course make them want to share it with everyone they know?

Over to you… 💕💕💕.

Self Worth Cards
Self Worth Cards

Ruth Ridgeway

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