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Business Coaching for Designers

Give me six months and you’ll have a completely transformed - and way more profitable - design business (and that’s a promise).

Put it this way… If you’re ready to significantly increase your income and create a game plan that’ll attract you more awesome and dreamy fit clients…

Then read on, because you and me are about to do exactly that.


From one designer to another I say this…

The design part becomes a whole lot less fun when the BUSINESS side of your design business isn’t nailed down.

Trust me, I’ve been there, done it and bought the t-shirt on this one.

You see when I started my design business way back in the day I did it solo, meaning I pretty much learnt how to do everything the hard way (yeah that was fun, not).

And to make things worse, being self taught it also meant I spent the first couple years totally undervaluing (and undercharging for) my work making the thing I loved most in the world (art, design, making beautiful things…) way more stressful than it needed to be.

Luckily for me (and you) though through this whole crazy process I learnt how to create loving boundaries, systems and processes that would actually support me, my business and my clients so much better.

Like, sooooooo much better.

I also learnt how to start seeing the real value of my work and what I had to offer, and then how to then communicate that value so I landed bigger paying clients which (and here’s the really awesome part) saw my income pretty much triple overnight while needing to work with just a handful of super awesome clients to do so.

Anyway the good news for you…

If things have been feeling harder than it should because you find you’re always attracting clients who want things done on the cheap, or you watch your income go UP but then also watch it go straight down again the following month, or you’re just getting pretty frustrated with having to constantly chase your clients to send you what you need…

Then you and me are about to make things a whole lot easier (and way more profitable) for you.

Lindsey Allen

The results I’ve seen since working together - gosh, where do I even begin?!

More self confidence, better work life balance, big paying clients… The list goes on!



Here’s what we focus on:


I’m the queen of helping designers significantly increase there income (through products, services or both) and it’s one of my very favourite things to do. Most of my clients will double - if not triple - their design income from their very next client alone when they learn my system.


I’ll put bets on you’ve already worked with one or two clients that, well, let’s just say aren’t your ideal perfect fit client. Either that or you’ve taken on a project or two because you know you could do it (and of course it meant you got paid) yeeeeeeet it wasn’t really the type of project you wanted to be doing or what you loved working on most.

Well here you and me create a game plan that not only gets you more clients, but to attracts you more awesome fit dreamy clients that you love (love love LOVE) working with.


Ever found yourself chasing your clients for the hundredth time to send you something you need so you can get on and do your job or wading through approximating a thousand emails trying to find that link/photo/thing they did send you?

Who am I kidding, of course you have - #We’veAllBeenThere.

Me personally, I haven’t got time for that anymore and it’s one of the reasons I completely simplified my whole client process from start to finish into one stress free experience.

If your back end systems aren’t set up to fully support you right now, we’re gunna set them up to make your whole (design) life about a trillion times easier.

Rachel Shillcock

Just had a call with Ruth and I’m still buzzing! I’ve gained so much more clarity and confidence and finally feel like I know exactly what I want to do, who I want to do it with and exactly how to get there!

rachel shillcock, branding + web designer


How it works:

Working together this is what you get and how it works (basically six months of business changing awesomeness).


To kick things off we have a strategy intensive when we begin working together where we do two things:

  • An ‘audit’ of your business to see exactly what’s working (and exactly what’s not working) for you right now.

  • We map out your business goals for the next quarter and create a game plan to achieve them.

Then after three months (halfway through working together) we have our second strategy intensive where we:

  • Review the previous three months - what you’ve achieved, what’s gone well and what still needs working on.

  • Do a second goal setting exercise for your business and the next three months ahead.


While working together you receive a coaching call every other week (except for the weeks we have a longer strategy intensive call) where I’m in hand to support, guide and coach you to achieving your goals.


If you haven’t heard of Voxer it’s basically like a walkie talkie for your mobile phone. It’s where you can get quick time sensitive feedback on how best to respond (or follow up) with a client as you’re putting your proposals together.


Think of The Designers Hub as the ‘Netflix’ for designers with on demand workshops on topics like how to attract more clients, how to have successful sales calls, how to put winning proposals together for your clients and what you need to include in your client contracts.

There’s also access to our online designers community plus monthly office hour calls - all for free for six months.

Kate Zander

Holy shit. I’ve just got off my coaching call with Ruth and I’m literally brimming with ideas!

kate zander, art director


This package is for you if…

  • You’re ready to significantly increase your income from design.

  • You’re ready to create a game plan that’ll attract you more awesome right fit clients.

  • You’re ready to take your business seriously and make it a whole lot easier for yourself by simplifying your systems and processes on the back end.

Ready to begin?

Great shout - because your business is never gunna look the same again.

To get started simply click on the bright pink button below to drop me a message.

From here I’ll get in touch to arrange a time for us to speak where I’ll ask you some questions about what your biggest business goals are right now and of course you can ask me any questions that you have also before we begin.

Oh and one thing I definitely promise..?

The next six months are gunna be a whole lotta FUN.

Your investment | £600 per month or £3200 pay in full.