Well hey there - you seem to have found my secret page…

So I often get asked if I coach people 1:1 - and I do.

There are two ways I help people best:

ONE // Helping Designers and Copywriters make £5k a month (minimum) in their business with one simple tweak to their process.

TWO // Helping service based business owners (looking at you coaches, teachers, designers and copywriters) create multiple streams of passive income in their business to dramatically increase their income (and of course free time).

I have no fancy ‘sales talk’ (or ‘sales page’) and never look to 'persuade' those I work with to work with me (I have enough referrals come my way without the kind of tactics nobody loves anyway).

Instead know this…

If you feel called to work together after knowing who I help and what I do best, then you’re welcome to get in touch with me via the bright pink button below.

Once I’ve got your message I’ll get in touch to arrange a time for us to speak (usually via Skype or video call).

During this time you then get to tell me a little bit more about your business and what support you’re looking for most (and of course ask any questions you have too), and I get to find out how I can help you best by asking some questions too.

Once we’ve spoken (and if it feels good for us to move forward) I'll share with you some options for ways we can work together.

From there you then get to choose which option is best for you (and your budget).

Simple, easy, straight up.

If you feel called simply get in touch via the bright pink button below.