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Hey I'm Ruth

Designer of books, eCommerce sites and eye-catching packaging.

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Here’s a few things to know if you’re interested in working together and bringing something beautiful (some packaging, a book, a killer website) to life…

My design style…

My design style is simple, fresh and feminine but often mixes bold typography, big photos and eye catching graphics to make it stand out form the crowd.

Design projects I work best on…

Card, Stationery and Packaging Design : Basically if it’s made of paper and you want it printed on - we need to speak, I adore creating things that make your customers, clients and products feel extra special.

Book Design : …including eBooks, ‘real’ paper books (the full book, both inside and out) and book covers.

Sales Page Design : Eye catching and attention grabbing sales pages are my speciality - and as a heads up, I’m a Squarespace designer so it’ll be designed on a Squarespace site.

Website and eCommerce Design : If you’re looking for the full she-bang (branding, website, an online store…) I do this too. Again as a heads up I’m a Squarespace designer so it’ll be beautifully designed on Squarespace.

And what if it’s not on the list but you love my design style and would love to get in touch? Still feel free to below. From time to time I’ll take on projects outside of this range that are super fun to do when our styles align beautifully.

Previous projects…

Take a peek below at previous project I’ve worked on…

Next steps…

To get in touch about working together click on the bright pink button below.

Once I’ve received your message I’ll personally be in touch to arrange a time for us to speak and find out more about exactly what you’re looking for.

From here I’ll put some options together (usually at different price points) and you can choose which works best for you and your budget.