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You get to decide in every single moment who you are and what you want.

From how brave and courageous you are to how much love and kindness you show yourself. From whether you create yourself a life you utterly love or whether you settle for second best. You get to decide in this very moment right here, right now, to step into your highest and most awesome self and become ALL that you are meant to be.

The ‘I Am A Woman Who…’ journal is your start to that journey. To uncover, rediscover, and connect again with who you really are and what you really want.

I am a woman who… (now you fill in the blank).

Inside the ‘I Am A Woman Who…’ Journal

Inside ‘I Am A Woman Who…’ journal you’ll find 222 journaling pages headed ‘I am a woman who…’ followed by plenty of free space for you to write and step into the highest version of yourself each day.

It’s a beautifully simple yet powerful practice, so each page can be dated so you can reflect back on previous weeks and see exactly how far you’ve come.

Peek inside…

I Am A Woman Who... Journaling Book
I Am A Woman Who... Creates Her Own Rules
I Am A Woman Who... Is Unapologetic About Who She Is And What She Wants