17 Questions to ask yourself at the end of each year

Ruth Ridgeway
Create Your Own Adventure

While I’m not the biggest fan of setting New Year’s resolutions (anyone ever stick to one of those??), I am a big fan of taking a few minutes at the end of each year to reflect on all that has and setting my intention(s) for the year ahead.

Here are my fave questions to ask yourself at the end of each year…


  1. What made you smile most this year?

  2. What felt fun this year?

  3. What are you most proud of doing/achieving this year?

  4. What felt heavy or draining this year?

  5. Is there anything you regret not having said to someone, or not having done this year?

  6. Do you feel like you gave yourself the care/rest you needed this year?

  7. What was the best decision you made for yourself this year?

  8. Who were you grateful for having in your life this year?

  9. What’s the most important lesson you learnt this year?


  1. What do you want more of?

  2. What do you want less of?

  3. What does your best life look like and how can you start to live that over the next twelve months?

  4. What would feel exciting to do/achieve over the next year?

  5. What are your most important business/work goals?

  6. What are your most important life goals?

  7. What help/support do you need over the next year to help you achieve your goals?

  8. How are you going to make sure to take the best care of you over the next twelve months?

You can of course use these questions any time you wish - end of year, mid year, some other time that feels important to you - just tweak the wording as needed/wanted to fit.