There was a fight, A big ass, ugly, tearful fight.

The kind that had tears uncontrollably falling down my face, my chest tighten, and staggered gasps while attempting to breathe. 

The when, the why, and the who with doesn't matter to this story, we can just safely say I was a sobbing mess the day of that fight. 

And I wasn't home, but so badly needed to get home. I needed to attempt to make things 'right' again. 

I packed my car up and set off for my three or so hour journey home, still attempting to control those tears so I could just get home safe. 

But I couldn't get it off my mind. I hate fighting, and I felt hurt. I needed to put things back to how they were as best I could. To make things whole again so these tears could stop and my chest could loosen. 

I knew this day was gunna be a write, off from start to finish. A pure shitty day I just wanted to see the back of already. 

But then as I was driving home, at the moment I turned the corner of a bend, the sun dipped. Just a slither of sun was left of the day, and it was having it's final peek over the trees before it left us again for another day.

And with that tiny slither of warmth, it also left us with the most beautiful, golden pink and orange sky.

Nature sometimes is divine, and this was one of those moments. 

In my snivelling mess of a state, I knew I had more tears yet still to come that night, but dammit - if there was one thing I could do, I could enjoy this moment, this sunset, in all it's pure beautiful rawness, for the next minute. Maybe two, just while it lasted and graced my eyes. 

99.99% of my day may have been one I already wanted to forget, but I can - and could - choose to enjoy, really enjoy, that ting 0.01% wholeheartedly. 

I made an agreement with myself that just for this small fraction of time, I was going to enjoy this.

And so I did. And it was… Beautiful.

It was the tiniest of moments, and yet while the rest of the day still ended up utter shite, I no longer want to loose or forget that day. Just that one small thing (and great big amazing sunset) - made my day worthwhile.

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