How so much personality, spirit and love can fit into such a small body I'll never know.

I'll be honest, not having any, and not being around too many, I don't always know how to talk to kids. Yet you don't care. You've enough laughter and smiles to cover up any 'awkwardness' my adult brain creates.

"Do you want to walk to nursery with me?"

You ask, as I surface from sleeping overnight at your mums house, my friends house, as she's getting you ready to leave.

"Why yes Jack, yes I do."

So across the fields we go, your feet walking twice, maybe three times the pace.

You don't care at all if I'm a little awkward at this conversation thing, you start it anyway, happy filing silences with more smiles and love and questions.

Holding your mums hand as you walk, you reach up with the other...

"Hold my hand too?"

So there I am, with your small hand in mine, still plump and soft from the baby years that haven't quite left you yet.

The imperfections, flaws, failures I see in me, you see none of them. You don't care about them.

You just see me, a new friend to share some of that mountain of love with.

And oh how you give it freely, without the slightest expectation of any in return, because as much as you share, you have so much more.

Jack, I’m going to let you into a sad secret…

Most grown ups, they don't have that. Somewhere along the way they forget it, or lose it - sometimes never to be seen again.

They walk around in their own worlds. A simple smile to a stranger - a possible new friend - no longer shared. Too busy. No time. Thinking about what they can get in exchange for anything they give.

What you have right now and don't even know yet, it's special.

And of course, of course, don't be afraid to receive and ask and have your needs met too.

Yet, if there's one small thing I can pass on, it's never to lose that heart full of love you have.

Share it around freely, splash it around in excess - you'll always have more.

It's the most beautiful gift you can give to the world, and thank you for sharing a little piece of it with me.

R xo

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