Can we have a real conversation about self care, because it’s not all bubble baths and green smoothies…

Can we have a real conversation about Self Care, because it's not all bubble baths and green smoothies

I see a lot of Self Care lists floating around, mostly filled with ideas like...

Going for a walk.

Drinking a green smoothie.

Having a bubble bath.

Buying yourself some flowers.

Getting a manicure (and even maybe a pedicure).

Having a massage.

Buying yourself a new top.

And while they're all great - especially the massage part - I think the whole conversation it just scratching the surface.

Can you name a time when a green smoothie or bubble bath forever changed your life? Really?

If not, can we dig a little deeper and look at what real self care means, because it's not always pretty or easy, yet it's ALWAYS beautiful and utterly divine once it's done. Always.

Real self care is about…

Having clear boundaries, on what's a yes and what's a no - so you don't find yourself committing to a bunch of stuff you don't want to do.

Creating space and time JUST FOR YOU - and plenty of it. Even when you feel like you have 'no time' to have any time.

Removing yourself from the bottom of the priorities list - and dare I say it, maybe even put yourself to the very top? Yeah, I do dare. Go put yourself at the top of that list (and watch yourself have even more to give when you do).

Making choices on what will make you happy - instead of what will 'please' everyone else.

Believing in yourself, even when you have no clue how you'll pull it off.

Treating yourself with love, kindness and respect, even when you 'stuff up'.

Going after what you really want - without apologising for it, or worrying with others will think.

Resting when you need to rest, instead of always continuing to push through.

Resting before (way before) you reach the point of exhaustion.

Accepting a compliment when it's given, instead of instantly pushing it away.

Asking for help when you need it, instead of always doing it on your own.

Showing up in the world as your whole self each and every day - weird, wonderful and quirky sides and all - instead of worrying if others will judge you if you do.

Embracing the pleasure of doing nothing.

Asking for what you really want.

So sure, enjoy the smoothies and bubble baths and massages and walks - they're all lovely and delicious and part of the bigger picture after all, yet let's not forget the real self care that's gunna have the real impact.

Because it's that stuff right there that's gunna change your life forever, and in the most BEAUTIFUL of ways.

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